Tidy Dish Cloth Multi Set

Tidy Dish Cloth Multi Set
10 reviews

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What makes it Mighty?

  • organic cotton, machine washable
  • cross stitching texture add extra scrubbing power
  • eliminate disposable paper towels with this complete set for everyday use

Product Details

Feel good about reaching for renewable, organic, 100% cotton Tidy Dish Cloths instead of paper towels. This kit lets you choose the ideal amount for a week's (or month’s) worth of cleaning support, plus extras for any surprise spills. 

Choose a set of 12, 15 or 18 Tidy Dish Cloths in multi or aqua.

  • 100% organic cotton with non-toxic dyes
  • Loops provide texture for scrubbing
  • Absorbent and durable for wiping up spills
  • Machine washable and dryable- expect some shrinkage after first washing

Size: 12" x 12"

Sustainably Made in China

SKU: TDCK-12-15-18

What Others are Saying

mighty bird

Overall Score

10 reviews
Tidy Dish Cloths
Review by Teresa Hayes on 6/28
Tidy Dish Cloths

Oh my Gosh these are the best cloths I have ever used. They are attractive..absorbing power is unreal..I no longer buy paper towels every week..I can wash them out and they look and work as if they are brand new. You have to try the...thanks to mightynest for making my every day cleaning
So much easier.

Our first dishrags
Review by Casey S on 6/27
Our first dishrags

Love them! Received them as a Mightyfix about a year ago, and we went from never using dishrags to using them everyday. Buying more now because we love them!

Awesome cleaning cloths!
Review by Delilah on 4/1
Awesome cleaning cloths!

These adorable cloths are durable! I use them daily and they work so well at cleaning dishes, wiping counters and even cute for a napkin at supper.

Love it
Review by Bretta Kimmel on 3/21
Love it

I have a few large bulky dish towels for decoration or just in general and they get lost under my sink with these they are the perfect compact yet useful size I gave one to my daughter for her play kitchen and the rest I’ve been using every day

Review by Leslie on 2/28

Absolutely LOVE these cloths! I received some in one of my monthly fixes and liked them so well I got a dozen more. We use them not only for cleaning up but also for daytime napkins. We have reduced paper towel and paper napkin use TREMENDOUSLY! No more paper napkins and very rarely use paper towels now. Wash well, and super absorbent and hold shape after wash. Highly recommend!

durable and a great paper towel replacement
Review by Samantha on 1/13
durable and a great paper towel replacement

I have been using these for a few months now and they are the perfect paper towel replacement. They are soft and very durable. They hold up really well to washing and have minimal staining even though I use them while eating and cleaning up tomato based sauces and other items that stain easily. I have recommended these to all my family and friends.

Durable as HECK!
Review by Hannah W. on 9/9
Durable as HECK!

I have been wanting to find a replacement for paper towels for a long time but hadn't found anything acceptable until I got these in my box. I only got a set of 5 so we still had to buy paper towels for a while but so far I've watched the original 5 at least 50 times and they are still going strong!!!

Best Paper Towel Replacement
Review by HK on 7/8
Best Paper Towel Replacement

I'm always most concerned with towels that look like this will just push dirt around and never actually be useful. I love these so much, I try to travel with them in place of napkins in my car or plane. They actually work just like a paper towel would and are super useful. Highly recommend.

Perfect replacement for paper towels
Review by Denise on 6/28
Perfect replacement for paper towels

Work exactly as I wanted them to - soft cotton, very absorbent and the weave is a little "rough" so it helps clean but is not abrasive. Came clean easily in the wash. These are stacked in front of the paper towels on my kitchen counter now so I've really reduced my use of those.

Review by Elaine on 4/18

These have been wonderful as we try to keep the dish towels rotating and avoid paper towels. I keep them stacked by the kitchen sink and keep them moving through the laundry.

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