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Wire Basket with Set of 15 Tidy Cloths

by MightyNest

9 reviews
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Wire Basket with Set of 15 Tidy Cloths
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Wire Basket with Set of 15 Tidy Cloths

by MightyNest

9 reviews
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What Makes It Mighty?

  • complete storage solution for tidy dish cloth paper towel replacements
  • simple wire weave design looks great on the countertop
  • basket holds 15 folded or rolled tidy dish cloths

Mighty Nest has found a durable, functional, eco-friendly basket to pair with our favorite Tidy Dish Cloths so you can ditch paper towels while keeping your kitchen counter super tidy! The StorageNest basket is a hand-woven wire creation with a natural, earthy look, a protective rust-resistant finish, and, most importantly, it’s the perfect size to hold a stack of 100% organic cotton Tidy Cloths. 

This kit includes one basket and 15 Tidy Cloths (3 sets of 5), enough for a week’s worth of spills and wipe downs.

Basket Size: 7” x 7” x 5”
Dish Cloth Size: 12" x 12"

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What others are saying

Overall Score

9 reviews
Review by Kiersten on 11/8
Convenient and Stylish

I keep these towels and basket right on my kitchen counter, it's super easy to grab one and wipe up spills when I need to quickly. The basket looks so pretty on my countertop as well. I have gotten many complements on it! One tip, wash in cold water to maintain the softness and shape, I made the mistake of washing a few in hot water and they shrunk.

Review by Marie on 11/6
Replaced so many paper napkins and paper towels!

It’s been a bit of a struggle to move off paper napkins and really reduce paper towels until I got the Tidy Dishcloths in the wire basket. The basket of tidy dishcloths looks cute and is super convenient to have out on the countertop, and not be hidden in a drawer. I use them as casual napkins for the family. I also use them to wipe up spills or things, especially after they have been well used. They get a lot of use in our home.

Review by David on 11/6
quality cloths that can be reused many times

Great set of dishcloths for wiping counters or cleaning dishes. Good quality material that you can rinse, wash, and reuse many times. Feels great using these instead of disposable sponges and paper towels. I like that one side is textured for a little scrubbing action, and they look nice too!

Review by Nancy on 11/3
Great Multi-Tasker

They have a waffle feel on one side and are great for spills. Really absorbent. I use them as napkins, too. I got Tidy as a Fix, then bought this set and I'm buying more as gifts.

Review by Sam on 11/3

I got these cloths in my MightyFix 2 years ago and they've become a staple for my family. We used to store them in a drawer but I now set this basket under my sink so a cloth is always available for spills and messes or to dry my hands. It's rare that I have to use a paper towel now.

Review by terry on 10/11
love 'em

I agree with Juanita, these are great cloths. Now to convince family to give up the paper towels!

Review by Beth on 10/11
Paper towels? I don't know her

I love these cloths! I was never a big paper towel fan and my house has all but replaced them with these. I bought these probably over a year ago and they look practically brand new and we use them daily. They have been washed countless times and have soaked up spilled coffee to pasta sauce cooked onto the glass cooktop. They are thick and absorbent enough to do all that but also soft enough and thin enough to clean up my 18 month old after a particularly messy meal. I love them and recommend them to everyone. They're going to be Christmas presents to some of my family this year.

Review by Denise on 10/8
Best thing I have received from Mighty Nest

I bought a few of these cloths 2 1/2 years ago, then added the basket with more cloths a few months later. The basket sits between my stove and sink and these are used every day. They have replaced paper towels and napkins for us, and sometimes sub for the bar mops I use to wash dishes. Just as good in the bathroom or in general cleaning as in the kitchen. The colors stand up to regular bleaching and I have yet to wear one out.

Review by Juanita on 9/7

I was worried about the quality of the cloth but these are rather big and waffled, so they are great at scrubbing all on their own. The colors are true to pictured and absolutely beautiful!! The basket is beautiful and rust resistant, fits 15 rolled up dish rags perfectly and works perfectly next to the sink as well!! Im going to buy the basket for our wash clothes in the bathroom as well.... this is a must buy and well worth the money!!

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