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Original Spaghetti Scrub, set of 2
5 reviews

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Product Details

These interesting scrubs have natural abrasives for your scrubbing needs. What do we mean by natural? Peach pits! No detergent is needed for general cleaning but a tiny dab of soap can be used if tackling heavy grease. Keep in mind that a little dab can go a long way because these scrubs will stay very soapy and the corn core abrasives are effective on their own.

Spaghetti Scrubs last for months and because of their unique shape, they're pliable enough for trickier cleaning jobs and tight spots such as corners, whisks, and behind faucets. The best part is they dry quickly and completely so there's never a stinky or moldy sponge in your sink. After you're done cleaning, just rinse them, and hang on the faucet to dry. The Original Gentle Spaghetti Scrub is best used for general cleaning, removing stains from glass, wood, plastic, high quality nonstick pans, and any other surface prone to dullness or scratches.

  • Save money and the environment by reducing soap use
  • No plastic packaging common with most sponges
  • 100% recycled paper box
  • No smell or rust
  • Lack of mold and bacteria
  • Also great for peeling vegetables
  • Unique pliable shape
  • Reusable scrubs last for months
  • Made in Japan

Materials: peach pits, cotton, polyester

Directions for Use: Moisten with water, roll up into a ball and only a dab of soap if desired. Scrub will get softer with use. Rinse and hang to dry thoroughly after each use. This product has a natural abrasive which may leave fine scratches on some materials.  Test first on an inconspicuous spot.  

Made by Goodbye Detergent

SKU: GBD0102
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What Makes it Mighty?

  • Environmentally friendly
  • lack of mold and bacteria

Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall Score

5 reviews
The best scrubber!
Review by on

I love this scrubber! It is very effective and best of all, it doesn't rust or get moldy/stinky.

Love it!
Review by on

This came with my subscription and I had never seen it before. It is awesome. i love how well it scrubs my cast iron and how it doesn't stink like steel wool. Will buy again!

Review by on

This was a MightyFix and I am so grateful! I rescued an old no. 5 from my dad and our Lodge grill pan. We have gotten rid of all our non-stick thanks to proper scrubbing with the Spaghetti Scrub and water along with proper seasoning. The more I use it, the better it seems to scrub, I can’t rave enough! Plus, with the 4 cast iron pans we have now, we may never have to buy a new skillet. Thank you for the Fix!

Review by on

I just didn't "get" this and would never have purchased it. I received mine as my monthly MIGHTY FIX goody. It is recommended for use on cast iron, which I use constantly. To my astonishment this curly scrubber has become my favorite! It does a much better job on cast iron than any cleaning method I've used. While my pan is still hot after cooking I turn off the burner, give it a quick hot rinse, run my curly scrubber over what's stuck to the pan, another hot rinse, then back on the still hot burner to dry. One of the best things to me is that food bits do not get stuck, they rinse right out! I now use this on just about everything!

Love these!
Review by on

I've been using these for a couple years. They work great, use very little soap and dry so quickly! When giving housewarming gifts I always include a box of these Spaghetti Scrubs.

Goodbye Detergent

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