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Bowls & Plates
Bowls & Plates

Bowls & Plates

Glass Dishware
Tempered glass is durable enough for everday use and a beautiful addition to any table setting. Microwave & dishwasher safe.
Lys Glass Dinner Plate, Set of 6 by Duralex
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Lys Stackable Glass Bowl, Set of 6 by Duralex
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Lys Stackable Glass Bowl by Duralex
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Glass Kids' Dishware Set by Duralex
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Lys Glass Bowl with Lid, Round - Set of 5 by Duralex
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Stainless Steel Dishware
Durable stainless steel dishware stands up to daily use for kids, outdoor eating, and reheating leftovers in the oven or can add an elegant shine to a festive table.
Stainless Bowl, (2 sizes) by Sanctus Mundo/Life without Plastic
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Insulated Stainless Steel Bowl by Sanctus Mundo/Life without Plastic
Stainless Steel Plate, Large 9" by Sanctus Mundo/Life without Plastic
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Compostable Dishware
Sustainable compostable dishware for picnics and parties is the perfect solution to eco-friendly & convenient entertaining.
Bamboo Veneerware Fancy Plates by bambu
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Mixing Bowls
Glass and stainless steel mixing & serving bowls that won't shed microplastics or leach plasticizers into your salad vinaigrettes or cake batters.