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Beeswax and Soy Candle
3 reviews

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These authentic Aromatherapy candles are a beautiful blend of pure beeswax & non-gmo soy with cotton braided (lead free) wicks, 100% pure essential oil scents. Colors are obtained using eco-friendly powder dyes and do not contain hazardous solvents.

Size: 7 oz. recycled glass jar

Burn time: Up to 35 hrs.

  • Evening Peace: French + Bulgarian Lavender - Gentle breezes kiss the lavender plants that flourish on the rolling hills of Provence & help bring their restorative powers in this slightly sweet, yet herbaceous aroma.

Hand made in the USA.

Made by Tru Melange
SKU: 17124EP
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Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall Score

3 reviews
The candle itself is
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The candle itself is beautiful and high quality. It burns nicely and the scent is not too weak or too overpowering. I got the bergamot + lime scent. It was described as 'crisp,' but it really has much more of sweet smell and not very lime-y, which is the only reason I have it 4 instead of 5 stars. But it's not unpleasant and I will definitely be trying out the others in the future.

I really like the vanilla
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I really like the vanilla peppermint scent. Neither scent is overpowering, but blend well together. The burn is clean and the candle has lasted a long time. I am hoping for more scents to choose from in the near future!

I am thoroughly happy with my
Review by on

I am thoroughly happy with my candle purchase. The scent is wonderful!

Tru Melange
Waxes - Our exhaustive research to perfect a superior quality candle, led us to developing a beautiful, blended wax. Creating a beeswax candle, with just the right percentage of soy, has yielded what we feel to be, the most effective natural candle available. Perfecting the wax balance gives our candles better aroma diffusion and burn time than if only one type of wax was used. We purchase our 100% pure beeswax from North American Apiaries and Co-ops, while our Non GM Soy comes from US farmers. Using waxes from renewable resources holds to a higher eco-friendly standard than those from paraffin or paraffin blended with vegetable, beeswax, palm or soy wax.Aromas - All of our aromas come from Nature in the form of 100% pure essential oils. In the world of natural products, we do not feel there is a place or need to use synthetic fragrances, or “natural” (synthetically manipulated) oils. We feel that 100% pure essential oils hold enough complexity and depth for us to keep creating blends that will intrigue, enthrall and wow you.Wicks - Our wicks are cotton braided, and contain no lead. These wicks have been specially designed to work with natural waxes. They play an important part in increasing burn times and aroma diffusion.Colors - We have chosen eco-friendly powder dyes, meaning that they are safe for the environment and do not contain hazardous solvents such as naphtha, and naphthalene. Our dyes meet (and exceed) the strictest environmental guidelines laid out by the United States Clean Air Act and California Prop 65. And of course, they are never tested on animals. Eco friendly dyes allow us to create mood specific colors that dance with our aromas to create a powerful ambience – and are gentle on the environment.

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