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Super Terrine Canning Jars

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The Super Terrine uses the iconic wire bail and famous orange rubber seal, so you can feel good in your preservation. This system keeps the contents air-tight, which means a long-term shelf life. Since the terrines are straight edged with a slight taper at the bottom, preserved food can be turned out with little effort. The jar's design also makes it a decorative element for non-canning needs. Use it for pantry storage, as a gift container or a base for making candles.

The gaskets are made of a natural material and cannot be reused. Displaying or storing gaskets on Le Parfait jars may damage them for canning purposes. Jars are shipped with a paper seal and the gaskets inside for their protection.

Made in the heart of France since the early 1930s, Le Parfait is the glassware choice for discerning canning enthusiasts. Le Parfait's classic design complements jams and jellies, pickles and chutneys, dried fruit and nuts or even sweet treats. They work equally well for bath and body products, such as creams and lotions, bath salts and candles. Each jar is deeply embossed with the Le Parfait name, leaving plenty of room for future labeling, so customers will know the quality of both the contents and their packaging.

  • 125 ml:  4.45 oz. capacity. 2.75" tall. Uses 70 mm gasket.
  • 200 ml: 7 oz. capacity. 3.25" tall. Uses 70 mm gasket. 
  • 275 ml:  9.7 oz. capacity. 4.25" tall. Uses 70 mm gasket. 
  • 350 ml:  12 oz. capacity. 3.75" tall. Uses 85 mm gasket. 
  • 500 ml:  18 oz. capacity. 4" tall. Uses 100mm gasket. 
  • 750 ml:  26 oz. capacity. 5.25" tall. Uses 100 mm gasket. 
  • 1 L:  36 oz. capacity. 6.75" tall. Uses 100 mm gasket. 

Made by Le Parfait

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Le Parfait
The Le Parfait brand was born in Reims, France, at the beginning of the 1930s and the advertising boom. Back in the days, its competitors were Le Meilleur, Le Pratique or Triumph. But Le Parfait has its own vision and approach of preserving: to preserve the flavor of food simply and naturally. Slowly but surely, the brand has enjoyed broad name recognition in France, thanks to the quality of its jars and terrines. The Le Parfait jar, with its distinguishable orange rubber seal, has been iconic for many generations. It stands proudly in many French kitchens, for many years to come!

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