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Coldbroo 1-Liter Cold Brew Coffee Maker
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Product Details

UNBELIEVABLY SMOOTH COFFEE - Ever wondered why your coffee doesn't taste the way ground coffee smells? Hot brewing extracts the wrong flavor compounds from the beans. With cold brewing, your coffee will finally taste the way you always thought it should!

MODERN LAB-INSPIRED DESIGN – You’re crafting a sophisticated coffee extraction. Your coffee brewer should look the part. Coldbroo has a sleek, space-saving design you’ll be proud to display on your kitchen counter while your coffee brews. Bonus feature: You'll feel like a mad coffee scientist!

STOP DRINKING ACID WITH BREAKFAST- Hot brewed coffee has a ton of acidity that throws your body off for the entire day. Cold brewed coffee contains only 33% of that acid content. Smile on, tummy!

NO PLASTIC PARTS -  Coldbroo’s glass and 18/8 stainless steel construction guarantee your coffee will always taste just as delicious as the first batch. Plus, you'll feel relieved knowing there's no BPA or other chemicals leaching into your coffee. With Coldbroo you get nothing but clean, pure coffee every time!

The unique carafe design minimizes contact with air during the brew process reducing the chance of off flavors from oxidation. And placing a freshness gasket on the lid for a tight seal means your coffee concentrate stays delicious for up to 2 weeks.  As soon as your feet hit the floor, open the fridge and blend your pre-made coffee concentrate with milk  and pour over ice. No waiting around in the morning for brewing time. You made your coffee while you slept. Good call. Your busy morning just got easier.

Super Simple Brewing: Add coffee to the infusion column and pour water through it. Leave it on the kitchen counter at room temperature. Wait 12 to 24 hours. The hardest thing about the process is the wait. Store in fridge for up to 2 weeks.

Not Just For Coffee Lovers: Coldbroo's infusion column and glass carafe are the perfect size for making any beverage infusion. Hot or iced tea... Cucumber-infused water... Chipotle-infused tequila... What will you create?

Manufactured in China

Made by Broo Coffee Goods

SKU: Broo
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What Makes it Mighty?

  • Made of glass and stainless steel
  • no plastic parts

Customer Ratings and Reviews

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one review
We love it!
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We love it!

We have tried other cold brew coffee makers and this is by far the best one. It is simple to use, easy to clean, and we love knowing the materials are safe.

Broo Coffee Goods
Broo Coffee Goods helps you break free from the status quo and find ways to enrich your daily coffee ritual. Each piece of equipment that we offer has been carefully researched and tested as a method of producing rich, smooth, and exceptionally flavorful coffee. With coffee gear from Broo, you not only get amazing coffee, but also an amazing coffee-making experience.We're a family-owned company based in Dexter, Michigan, committed to offering premium products and superior customer service. We're also committed to fairly treating those who make our products and produce the coffee we love. That's why we give 5% of our profits to support efforts to improve international labor standards.

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