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Tortilla Warmer

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What makes it Mighty?

  • safely warms and serve tortillas
  • lead-free glaze

Product Details

Tortilla warmers are the best way to serve and keep tortillas warm. Heated in the oven or microwave, warm tortillas are soft and pliable and have a more mellow taste. RSVP's lead-free glazed stoneware tortilla warmer is not only ideal for warming torillas, but also attractive for serving at the table. Microwave-safe and oven safe up to 350°F/ 176°C.  Holds tortillas up to 8" in diameter.

To use: Separate tortillas. Place in tortilla warmer and cover. You can microwave your tortillas or heat them in the oven. Flour tortillas heat quicker than corn. If microwaving: start time at 15 seconds for up to 4 flour tortillas and increase time as needed. When tortillas are hot, heep the lid on until ready to eat. 

Made in China

Made by RSVP

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At RSVP International, our goal has always been to offer high quality, durable kitchen products at reasonable prices using the highest quality material possible. First and foremost, we aim to keep our customers fulfilled; that includes a commitment to the environment that drives us to create sustainable products that last for the benefit of all. We are continually mindful of environmental concerns and strive to offer sustainable products that will last a lifetime in the kitchen, not the landfill. Many of our products are made from durable stainless steel and we are increasing our line of bamboo items as well and confirming our products are BPA-free. We believe every cook deserves to use high quality kitchen utensils without breaking the bank. Whether you’re stocking your own kitchen for the first time or updating your current collection of kitchen accessories, RSVP International provides the kitchen utensils you need and will want to use every day. We believe when you gather the right ingredients, cooking utensils, family and friends, you’re sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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