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Collapsible Silicone Food Storage Containers, Round
6 reviews

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Product Details

Perfect for food storage on the go or at home, these lightweight, non-breakable, air-tight containers are made entirely from high-quality durable silicone—no plastic! For compact storage these innovative food containers collapse to less than half their size. A slim, stackable 1.25” to be exact.  BPA-free, phthalate-free and lead free. Made of durable silicone. Includes bowl and lid.

Naturally BPA-free clear silicone allows for easy identification of contents, letting you know if you’re grabbing leftovers or tomorrow’s lunch. Tab on the easy-pull lid creates a vacuum seal when closed and is vented to release steam slowly during cooking. Oven safe to 500 degrees, microwave safe, freezer safe, and dishwasher safe.

See Collapse-It in action:


Note: Only circular sizes available in

  • 1-cup (green trim) - Individual fruit portion or kid's snack size
  • 2-cup (turquoise trim) - Lunch portion or dip to share
  • 4-cup (red trim) - Side dish to share
  • 6-cup (grey trim) - Family leftovers or salad to share 

Made in China

Made by collapse-it

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Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall Score

6 reviews
Space Savers and Portable!
Review by on

I received one of these with my Mighty Fix subscription. I love it. I use it to take salads with me to work.

Although the bowl and lid are top rack dishwasher safe, as another reviewer mentioned, they do look horrible if you put them in the dishwasher if you have hard water. They will accumulate a mineral film but it will come off when hand washed and is not permanent. Because they are made of silicone, they are EXTREMELY easy to wash by hand so there is no need to put them in the dishwasher anyway.

They a save cabinet space because they are collapsible, they are lightweight and portable, they look nice when hand washed and the lid stays on satisfactorily.

I would buy another one or two to take my lunch to work in. For everyday storage, I prefer glass.

Love it!
Review by on

Regarding the sizing: I'm not sure if people aren't fully "uncollapsing" the container or what, but my red trim container holds 4 cups to the very BOTTOM of the red rim. It's perfectly accurate, and I can move it and seal it just fine.

I love it. The first thing I used it for was homemade cranberry jelly/relish. Because it can take heat, I was able to pour boiling cranberry jelly/relish into the thing without letting it cool first, which was awesome, because it essentially worked like a mold. Popped it into the fridge, and when the time came for serving, I just put a plate over the top, flipped it, tapped the bottom, and the cranberry jelly/relish popped right out onto the plate, looking like a 1950's housewife's dream.

After dinner, I was able to collapse it, and put the leftover cranberry jelly/relish back in, seal it, and pop it back in the fridge, in a smaller size that helped get all my Thanksgiving leftovers into the fridge!

Review by on

These containers stain easily, and never, ever come clean again, retaining a persistent film after washing. Not sure what that is, so I am not comfortable using these containers. I'll stick with glass.

Great idea-but lacking
Review by on

The design of these are great. But they absorb whatever smell you have in there. After 2 times through the dishwasher, one hand wash and a baking soda & vinegar soak it still smells like the quinoa salad that I had stored in there.

absorbs smells, hard to use, but pretty good seal
Review by on

These seems like a great solution for a lot of things, since they can do freezing and oven, but they are, as another reviewer noted, very hard to use because they squish so.....readily. They're hard to get the lid on without the sides collapsing (and spilling things everywhere). Also, they both stain and absorb flavors within only a few hours. If you use them for anything liquid, you are basically stuck with that flavor. I can smell mine from outside the pantry if the cupbourd is cracked at all and mine had salsa in it, so that's not good :-(

The idea is a good one and, once you get it all closed up, the seal is actually really reliable. But, I would stay away from these and opt for a glass bottom and silicone lid.

Sizing is off & spills are inevitable
Review by on

These seem great in theory, and the collapsible design would be helpful if it were more functional. As it is, however, they're very flimsy and you have to be incredibly careful when securing the lid or you'll risk the bowl accidentally collapsing and spilling its contents everywhere.

In the few weeks we've had them, we've had leftover soup and peas splattered across the counter and managed to crush homemade cookies (after giving up on using these for anything prone to spillage ... apparently the unintentional collapsing is still an issue even with solids).

Of lesser importance is the misleading sizing -- the 4 Cup size might hold 3.5 cups if you're really careful, but definitely not 4 -- and the fact that, despite being dishwasher safe, these look ten years old the first time you wash them in that manner. I usually hand wash, but my teen threw it in the top rack of the dishwasher the other day and it's now cloudy and worn looking. Not a huge deal if it were the only issue, but worth noting in light of the other shortcomings.


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