Airscape Stainless Steel Storage Canisters

Airscape Stainless Steel Storage Canisters

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Airscape Stainless Steel Storage Canisters
Set Of 2
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Airscape Stainless Steel Storage Canisters
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Airscape Stainless Steel Storage Canisters
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What makes it Mighty?

  • stainless steel container walls won't absorb or impart flavors; stylish countertop storage
  • keeps food fresher longer by eliminating air from inside the container
  • ideal for dry food storage; bulk shopping reduces single use packaging

Product Details

The patented AirScape kitchen canister is a revolutionary approach to storing and preserving food and perishables. “Airtight” solutions are only effective if the air is locked OUT of the canister. Most kitchen canisters lock the air inside, slowly eating away the freshness of the contents. The AirScape food storage canisters are different – they force air out and away from your food and lower with the contents so no matter how much or little remains it will be kept fresher longer.

Designed of durable, BPA-Free, restaurant-grade stainless steel not only are the AirScape kitchen canisters non-toxic and nearly impossible to break, but they are also stain and odor resistant thus they won’t impart flavors. In other words, they can be used for coffee storage one day, brown sugar the next and your brown sugar won’t taste like coffee. Fresh just tastes BETTER, so do more than just simply “store” food and ingredients – preserve them with the AirScape food storage kitchen canisters.

Available individually or in sets of two (one of each size):
Small - 4″ tall container holds 1/2 lb. whole bean coffee
Medium - 7″ tall container holds 1 lb. whole bean coffee

  • The patented valve forces air out, then locks the lid in place
  • While the top lid is clear, to easily see your content amount, the AirScape lid will not allow harmful ultra-violet light to reach the contents
  • Durable construction resists staining as well as odor and taste transfer

Care: Hand wash recommended

Materials: Made from restaurant-grade, 18/8 stainless steel with BPA-free plastic lid

Made responsibly in China


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About Planetary Design
Born in and inspired by the rugged Rocky Mountains, but enjoyed throughout the world, Planetary Design products are the perfect fusion of design and durability. The patented AirScape kitchen canister is a revolutionary approach to truly storing and preserving food and perishables.  The success of Planetary Design revolves around cutting-edge innovation and design, a commitment to using quality materials, While all Planetary Design products are designed and distributed here in the U.S., they are manufactured abroad. This is not just because of cost, but also due to U.S. manufacturers not having the machinery and volume capability to make these kinds of stainless steel products. Nonetheless, they have very close relationships with manufacturing partners and are in frequent contact with them. Independent audits and inspections are conducted routinely, ensuring both safe and fair working conditions as well as high quality products. Besides the numerous jobs created in the local economy, they often have additional quality checks and/or re-packaging performed by a non-profit in our community dedicated to providing employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. In a nutshell, they take every measure to provide quality products while remaining loyal to our local and national economy, and the environment as a whole.

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