Perfect Cube Ice Tray with Lid

What makes it Mighty?

  • Perfect cube shape resists melting to keep drinks refreshingly cold
  • Durable silicone mold won't crack or get brittle, stays flexible to easily release ice cubes
  • Add fresh herbs, flowers, berries or citrus rind for beautiful & impressive beverage additions

Perfect cubes keep drinks ice cold and resist melting too quickly.  Durable silicone holds up under extreme temperatures and won't crack or become brittle like plastic trays, while the flexible silicone material allows ice to pop out easily. The lid eliminates odors from the freezer and base keeps ice level to prevent spills. Trays stack neatly to conserve space. 

Size: Makes 15 x 1.25″ cubes

Use and care:

Fill with liquid, replace lid and freeze. Dishwasher safe. Also great for freezing fresh herb pestos & butters or nut milks. Create decorative fancy ice cubes by dropping a berry, citrus rind, edible flower or mint leaf into each cube, then freeze. 

Where is it made?
this product scores 1

Mighty Rating:

this product scores 1

Primarily plastic packaging; synthetic foams or wraps used to protect product

How is it packaged?
Paper band with plastic bag
End of use:
Recycle paper band and discard or reuse plastic bag
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Perfect Cube Ice Tray with Lid
Perfect Cube Ice Tray with Lid

Mighty Rating:

this product scores 2
Reusable and primary material is silicone or plastic-free, may have functional parts (e.g. lids) made from plastics or synthetic materials

Materials Details

Silicone ice mold with polypropylene lid cover

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