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Glass Microwave Popcorn Popper, 1 quart
5 reviews

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What makes it Mighty?

  • safer alternative to microwave popcorn bags
  • made from non-leaching glass
  • durable silicone components

Product Details

Catamount Glass Microwave Popcorn Popper is the tasty, economical, and healthy alternative to microwavable popcorn bags. With Catamount's Microwave Popcorn Popper, making healthy and delicious popcorn is simple. Pour your kernels of choice into the 1 quart container, place your desired amount of butter in the silicone melting lid, and microwave for 2 minutes and 45 seconds. As the butter melts, it will drip through the lid and evenly coat the kernels as they pop. The Microwave Popcorn Popper is made from borosilicate (laboratory glass) and is dishwasher safe. 

For cleaning: Wait at least 10 minutes, so glass may cool.

  • Popping time: 2 minutes 45 seconds (approx.)
  • Makes 1 quart per popping session
  • Materials: Borosilicate (laboratory glass) and the silicone is food grade FDA approved
  • Dishwasher safe
  • All inks are non-toxic and lead free

Diameter - 5 13/16"
Height - 45/8"

Made in China, assembled in Bennington, Vermont

Made by Catamount Glass

SKU: CG4521

What Others are Saying

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Overall Score

5 reviews
small glass popcorn popper
Review by nmsdesigns on 2/5
small glass popcorn popper

Perfect size for single person. easy to clean and I control the amount of butter or oil needed.

Mighty Popcorn Popper
Review by Amber on 6/21
Mighty Popcorn Popper

I have an air popper that makes a huge mess when you use it. So it doesn't get as much use as it should. I hate the microwave popcorn bags, so we don't eat as much popcorn as the kids like. When I saw this microwave popper I knew that it was the solution to our problems. Its convenient easy to use/wash and doesn't make a big mess. I love it and will keep using it until I can't eat popcorn any longer.

I love popcorn..
Review by Hayley on 6/27
I love popcorn..

I love popcorn and this is the best and healthiest way to pop your own! I love that I know what's in my popcorn- butter and salt! Just a tip when using butter, use tub butter not the stick butter... I made that mistake once and it tasted awful. Plus, in order to keep your popcorn from burning listen to the pops if there are more than 2 seconds between each pop, stop the microwave because it is done!

P.S. The only down fall is the glass rim... the first time I ordered this, it came broken in the package. No problem, I emailed mightynest and they shipped me a new one!!! The second one lasted for a several months before I accidentally broke the outer rim by having a plastic cup slip through my hands and landing on the rim resulting in it breaking. Only reason for the 4 star review! So I won't be ordering this 1 quart size, instead I'm ordering the family size since it doesn't have that outer rim.

I really like this. It is
Review by orgidie on 6/6
I really like this. It is

I really like this. It is easy to set up and takes less time than traditional microwave popcorn. I had been popping popcorn on the stove, but I have a young child who is just big enough that she wants to "help." This allows her to fill the container without needing to be near the open flame since she'd insist on helping with EVERYTHING I did (you know that age).

You do need to be careful about overfilling it and you have to figure out your own microwave as it isn't difficult to burn the popcorn. I'd suggest stopping a little before they recommend to reduce the risk of burning. You also need to think of the butter in the lid as being the equivalent of oil in the pot and not that it will completely butter the popcorn in the microwave (if you like more than just a little butter). The butter can also burn if you add too much. I just used organic bulk popcorn from our local health food store and it pops just fine. I then will add a little extra melted butter once the popcorn is in a bowl. This holds enough for my family of three but I could see that you might want the larger size for larger groups.

SOOOOO small
Review by J.E. on 2/15
SOOOOO small

I was hoping to replace the popper I had, but this thing is so small. I doubt it makes as much as the small microwaveable bags. Plus, it's so easy burn the popcorn.

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About Catamount Glass
Catamount Glassware was founded in the late 1970's by Alain Karyo, an artist and student of modern architecture. His designs combine form and function, two essential elements in creating practical, easily handled cookware. Made from borosilicate glass, the Catamount products were originally developed for use in scientific laboratories. These crystal clear Catamount products are flame, oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. All of the Catamount glass is assembled and printed in the USA. Borosilicate is one of the purest forms of glass. No heavy metal. The inks are heavy metal free and we are in the process of changing to organic inks.

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