Untreated Maple Cutting Board with Tech Slot

Untreated Maple Cutting Board with Tech Slot

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Untreated Maple Cutting Board with Tech Slot
Board + Conditioner
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Untreated Maple Cutting Board with Tech Slot
Cutting Board
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Untreated Maple Cutting Board with Tech Slot
Wood Conditioner
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What makes it Mighty?

  • 1" thick untreated hard rock maple
  • beautiful and durable for chopping and serving
  • handy tech slot to display phone or tablet for viewing online recipes

Product Details

JK Adams prep boards have long been the choice of professionals and serious home cooks who know that a sturdy, well-crafted board is all you need to complete a myriad of kitchen tasks like slicing, dicing, chopping and even serving. When considering improvements for their New Pro Classic 2.0, they had an "aha!" moment and added a tech slot to the board — it's the perfect place to display your smartphone or tablet for viewing online recipes or streaming the latest episode of The Great British Baking Show. Handcrafted in Vermont of untreated beautiful, sustainably sourced and durable hard rock maple, this 1" thick board offers great stability and is reversible: prep on one side, serve on the other! Grain variation in natural maple is to be expected.

Wood board materials: Untreated rock maple solid wood planks and FDA complaint food-safe wood glue

Size: 16" x 12" x 1" 

Care: Wood is an incredible natural material that expands and contracts with moisture and humidity. Regular regimented care of this product will protect it for years to come. This board is untreated, so apply Formula 67 Wood Conditioner once a week, to all surfaces — including edges and ends — until the finish is established. Hand wash with warm, soapy water after each use and dry thoroughly with a towel. Never soak or submerge in water, run in a dishwasher, or use in a microwave. Placing hot pots or pans on your board can result in a lasting burn mark. If at any time the grain of your product becomes raised or rough, a light buffing in the affected area with 200 grit sandpaper will smooth the finish. Reapply wood conditioner after this process.

Formula 67 Wood Conditioner is an all-natural, food-safe, wood conditioner for your maple board. The proprietary compound is formulated into a paste consistency — somewhere between an oil and a wax — to finish, protect, and rejuvenate wood boards, bowls, utensils, and even furniture. This mixture contains no chemical compounds or solutions. 

Formula 67 Use: Apply generously with the supplied applicator to maintain the life of your wooden products and when your wood product feels dry or rough to the touch.

Formula 67 Ingredients: Coconut oil, carnauba wax, beeswax

Made in USA

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