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Toasted Beechwood Spoonula
2 reviews

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Product Details

Beautiful and practical, these wood spoonulas will bring life and function to your kitchen! The offset head with shallow bowl is perfect for all your scooping needs. The regular size spoonula is perfect for everyday mixing, scooping and serving.  Sustainably harvested: Beech is cut down and then replanted,  it grows extremely quickly in forests.  Toasted beechwood is made by kiln “toasting” or drying the beechwood which gives it a rich dark color that is ingrained in the wood.  It is not a dye or stain and will not come off. This process makes the wood less porous than untoasted beechwood thus making the wood less susceptible to staining.

  • Angled head ensures food stays in spoon while scooping
  • Shallow bowl
  • Ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip
  • Food Safe

As these are natural wood products, the actual color or grain pattern of your unique item may vary.


SKU: 81-19621
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Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall Score

2 reviews
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I am very happy with this wooden spoon. Others I've purchased always felt spindly and fragile. This one is nice and solid. It works great for scraping bowls of batter and such.
I love the color of it as well.

It stinks, literally.
Review by on
It stinks, literally.

I received this and the mini spoonula in my Mighty Fix this month. It is a very beautiful and well-crafted utensil, but it smells like beef jerky and when I touch it, the smell stays on my hands for hours, even after washing. After washing, the stain seems to have lightened and I'm afraid to actually use them to prepare food because 1) the smell... will it make my food taste like that? and 2) I don't want to take a chance of stain coming out into my food. It says "toasted" beechwood, so I'm not sure if that means the color is from a smoking-type process instead of a stain? I would appreciate an answer regarding this. Overall, I'm afraid I would not recommend this purely based on the strong odor. If it was exactly the same with no stain/color and no smell, I would easily give it 5 stars. For me right now, it's unusable. :(

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