plastic bag drying wood rack

Bag Drying Rack
10 reviews

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What makes it Mighty?

  • makes cleaning and reusing bags easy
  • easy to store
  • simple design with natural birch wood

Product Details

The Down To Earth drying rack is a must-have when you make the switch to reusable bags and wraps. The rack can air dry up to eight items at once. Great for zip-top sandwich bags, reusable snack and sandwich bags and baby bottles. Plus, it makes it easy to reuse items that would either end up in the landfill or recycling box. For bakers, it's super handy for drying pastry and icing bags. A sliding ring allows for easy folding and storage, and the removable base allows the dryer to convert to hanging model. 

Size: 14" tall

Material: Birch wood

Made in Canada

SKU: 3787

What Others are Saying

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Overall Score

10 reviews
The best!
Review by KC on 11/13
The best!

I bought this to dry my bags but I also use it now to dry my kids sippy cups and my coffee cups. You can literally hang anything from this. This looks very nice on the counter and helps clear up space while drying. My favorite purchase so far!

Such a good Idea
Review by Elise on 11/3
Such a good Idea

This is such a good idea and IT WORKS! I used to use the faucets, wooden spoons, whatever I could find. Now these are perfect to dry my bags as well as gloves.

Whoda thunk?
Review by MarshaK on 4/10
Whoda thunk?

Not just for bags, but for silicone items like lids and all sorts of other things. So handy we never put it away.

The best thing I never thought I needed!
Review by Carly Smith on 2/12
The best thing I never thought I needed!

I saw one of these from my friend, and I admittedly thought it was kind of silly. But I got sick of propping up all my baggies on the faucet and other places around the kitchen to dry. I ordered this, and my husband rolled his eyes. BUT we use it ALL THE TIME! It looks beautiful and functions great to help you reuse bags!

You Need This Rack!
Review by Deb on 2/2
You Need This Rack!

This bag drying rack is something you need, not just a convenience. I was hanging bags over the soap bottle, spray bottle, hooks here and there., laundry room. This works so much better, bags hang well, dry well, nice and compact. Takes up little counter space. I keep a thick cloth underneath to help catch the water. I wonder if a bamboo, cork or a stone coaster for glasses might help to prevent mildew problem, it would be worthwhile to try.

Great tool!
Review by Allyn on 9/2
Great tool!

I have been using this item for several years. It never leaves my counter right next to the sink. I cannot tell you how easy and helpful it is!!

A must have
Review by Genna Wangsness on 7/2
A must have

We have used this drying rack for years, washing and rewashing bags until they are ready to fall apart. Saves on landfill waste, is good for the environment, and saves money. I'd be lost without it.

Review by Erin on 9/5

LOVE this rack! Folds up tidy and we store it right on our counter. We use it daily for reusable sandwich bags and bees wrap. It’s worth the price for the convenience. The only complaint I have is after about a year some mildew has formed on the bottom from constant use.

Review by Lacy on 8/14

Super useful! I love it for drying beeswax wraps, and lightweight bags. However, I do notice when I load it up with my silicone bags, it doesn’t stand up so well. This is due to it being so lightweight and the base not being wide enough around. Overall pleased with it. Seems to balance better on a dishcloth rather than a foam drying pad.

Lovely idea but useless for my use cases
Review by Erin on 11/22
Lovely idea but useless for my use cases

I was so excited for this! (And to get rid of my bottle drying rack that I’ve been using for years). However, the base is so small that I find the unit completely useless. It tips over anytime I hang anything on it. I have a lot of the stashed bags and they are just too heavy :(.

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