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LunchSkins 6-Piece Starter Kit
2 reviews

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Product Details

Do lunch with the LunchSkins set!

The collection includes enough LunchSkins to handle three lunches. Sandwich bags are perfect for a full-sized sandwich or a healthy serving of fruit, veggies or dry snacks. Snack bags are great for smaller servings of dry snacks, carrots and more. You can even use these versatile bags to hold your cosmetics when you travel or protect jewelry in your gym bag.

Set comes with:

  • 3 Sandwich Bags
  • 3 Snack Bags
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Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall Score

2 reviews
Perfect for my kids!
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Perfect for my kids!

My kids are all “grazers”... so I always need to have snacks and things prepared for them to eat throughout the day or I would be making them snacks all day.
I got one set for my mighty nest fix one month and it was awesome! No more wasting plastic ziplock bags and they’re the perfect size, easy to clean out, and not to mention, super cute!
I went ahead and ordered another three sets so each of my kids can have their own set.
Super happy with it!

neat idea
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neat idea

I received a set of 1 sandwich size and 1 snack size for my Mighty Nest Fix subscription. I love the idea of this item but the sizes are not a good fit for my uses. I make fat sandwiches with lettuce, tomatoes, meat, cheese and I cannot fit one in the larger bag meant for sandwiches. It might work find for a child's PBJ or a simple cheese sandwich. So I'm using the larger size for chips, popcorn, a salty snack when I want one, like chips when I make a tuna sandwich.

the small size is pretty small and as the picture shows, it would be good for some small whole tomatoes or some carrot and celery stuccos for example.

If both sizes we a bit wider and had a boxed bottom, I think they would be more useful.
The fabric washes up easily by hand and dries quickly. I'll use these that I got but not as often as I wish I could.

I appreciate the chance to try them out via the MightyNest fix ;-)

3 Green Moms
From the Founders: "While sitting around a kitchen table in 2008, we heard a staggering statistic - every day, more than 20 million sandwich bags from school lunches go into landfills in the US. We knew that many families were looking for easy, convenient ways to be green and avoid this kind of waste. So we put our passion and energy together and 3greenmoms was born. Our mission:to design a colorful, fresh alternative to the plastic baggie. Our number one priority was to find a food-safe fabric, so we went straight to the food industry. There, we found a very high-quality European fabric used by patisseries and bakeries certified as food-safe. Conveniently, this fabric is durable and withstands high heat, too - bingo! It can withstand repeated cycles in the dishwasher. We came up with some fresh, modern designs for those of us who want to dress up our bag lunch. Whether you care about our environment, saving money, eating healthy, or looking stylish, LunchSkins are the answer to your plastic baggie blues -- they offer an environmental benefit (reduce landfill waste), a practical benefit (they can be used hundreds of times and save you money over the long run), and a healthy choice (food tastes better in a pastry bag)."

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