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Bamboo RePEaT Utensil Set in MightyNest holder
10 reviews

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What makes it Mighty?

  • Made from sustainable and renewable bamboo
  • lightweight, durable, and naturally anti-bacterial
  • keeps single use plastic utensils out of landfills and marine ecosystems

Product Details

Reuse this bamboo flatware & chopsticks set in a slick MightyNest holder. Bamboo utensils are heat and stain resistant, won't impart or absorb flavors, are lightweight, strong and long lasting. Each utensil is hand finished with top grade, natural, vegan, food-safe wood oil. No glues are used becuase they're cut a single sheet of bamboo.

The cloth utensil holders are made of RPET (recycled PET plastic) to give plastic bottles a second shot at a useful life and a way to stay out of landfills. You have your travel mugs and reusable shopping bags. A handy carabiner keeps the holder close to you. Perfect for your busy lifestyle and our precious planet. Hand wash utensils with soap and water, or top-rack them in the dishwasher. Just be sure to air or towel dry. 

The utensils are sourced and made in China by a small cottage industry factory. The bamboo is sourced from a forest that has been personally inspected by To Go Ware's third-party certifier. Their audits assure To-Go Ware the sourcing and harvesting are sustainable and they employ fair labor practices. 

Made in China


What Others are Saying

mighty bird

Overall Score

10 reviews
Review by Brenda on 3/11

I brought these to work and no longer use plastic utensils, I love them! I haven't had any trouble using the knife, cuts perfectly fine. These would be a great office yankee swap gift.

Review by HB on 1/12

I love these utensils! And I feel good about saving the environment from being full of plastic utensils.

Very useful
Review by Laura on 9/15
Very useful

My family has gotten a lot of use out of this set. They're great for picnics or anytime you are not eating in your home. They really come in handy at the skatepark when we have cubed watermelon: each of my 3 kids can use a different utensil to eat (fork, spoon, chopsticks)!

Review by Debra on 8/31

I absolutely love these! I haven't had a chance to use them yet, but they are going to go in our camping gear. They are so light that they don't even make a difference when attached to my pack for backpacking.

Review by Izzy on 8/30

These are great to put in my bag & I have already got a ton of use out of them. They are perfect for camping or eating take out. Going to order a set for my daughter & husband too!

Review by Tara on 4/3

I keep these in my desk at work and they are quite handy. They wash well, and have not had any issues. The only thing is the knife is just kind of there to help move food, dont expect to cut anything with it.

Utensils for lefties?
Review by Marybeth B on 2/8
Utensils for lefties?

The carrying case with carabiner makes this set easy to take anywhere and the utensils are easy to clean. I love the fork, spoon and chopsticks but as a lefty the knife is a little awkward as it is clearly designed for right handed use.

Kinda cool
Review by Julie on 8/29
Kinda cool

I carry these in my lunch bag and use them at work. Do not think I will use the chop sticks but like the idea of having the fork and spoon with me to ensure I do not need to resort to one use plastic utensils.

Not a fan
Review by Susan on 10/11
Not a fan

I love the concept, but not the implementation. I don't like the feel of these in my hand or mouth. I much prefer some metal ones that I bought elsewhere. They are too bulky too.

Not a Fan
Review by W Venable on 9/8
Not a Fan

The fork prongs are not pointed enough to pick up anything. The knife is only usable to spread things. It is dull and isn't going to cut anything. I don't have a use for the chopsticks. The utensils are rather large (too wide) to eat with.

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