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Reusable Produce Bags
14 reviews

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Product Details

The Flip & Tumble set of 5 reusable produce bags are a great alternative to disposable plastic produce bags.

The Flip & Tumble bags have everything you need to reign in those awesome artichokes, tangy tangerines, perfect peaches, and more. You'll find a ton of uses for them outside the market as well. They make the perfect little stashing place for travel toiletries, shoes, or other little odds and ends.

Set of 5

  • Bag size 12" x 14"
  • 100% polyester with no additional coatings
  • Tested to be free of lead and heavy metals
  • View products inside easily through the mesh polyester
  • Machine washable
Made ethically in China
Made by Flip & Tumble
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What Makes it Mighty?

  • Each Use Saves One Plastic Bag
  • Smart design: Drawstring close ample room, & transparent mesh
  • Tested free of lead & heavy metals

Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall Score

14 reviews
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LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! so much love these bags! I hate getting some many plastic bags when going to our local famers market. I take these Ling, wich are washable, and i get people asking me where i got them. Got a set for my monthly shipment, and quickly ordered another!!!

Great bags!
Review by on

Love these bags and Whole Foods sees the tare and deducts it!

Great for Many Uses!
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These are great bags! They are perfect for grocery shopping and putting my produce in, I've designated one for my delicates in the washer and another at the beach for my daughter's small beach toys. They have colored tabs on them so it's easy for me to remember which bag I use for what use. They are the perfect addition to your household needs!

Best thing Ive gotten!
Review by on

I use these bags for everything! When I first got them, I only used them at the store for veggies and fruit. Then, one day I was making Almond Milk and I couldn't find my cheesecloth, so, I grabbed a bag I had just washed, and used it to strain my milk. It worked perfect!! These also allow veggies to not go bad as fast. It seemed like my veggies would go bad whenever I would forget to take them out of the bags from the store. I always keep them in my car and sometimes use to throw my kids dirty clothes in.

Multiple Uses!
Review by on

I received these in the mail but was not the one to open the package so I didn't know what they were for when I came across them. I've just recently started using them for their original purpose and love them. Before that? I saved 2 and use them to wash my bras in the washing machine! They are perfect for that as well!

Love them! Washed up easily
Review by on

Love them! Washed up easily in the washing machine, and I'm glad not to have to use the store's plastic.

I absolutely love these
Review by on

I absolutely love these produce bags!! I used to get so many strange looks at the grocery store when I would bring these out in the produce section. Now I get at least four to five people asking me where I got them. Sturdy, washable, and reusable. Absolutely perfect!!

These are great! I feel so
Review by on

These are great! I feel so good about not wasting those produce bags anymore. And they stay really clean!

Get creative
Review by on

I've had to get creative when using as I found originally I wasn't using for their original purpose. Washing kids socks together was awesome. No more sorting and I kept my daughters socks in one, sons in other and it makes it easier. I just started using the other bag(s) for product. I am enjoying them. Not my first pick (hence get creative) but I have been happy to have them.

Review by on

Just used them today for my grocery shopping and rounds to local farmstands. I am happy with the size and quality. My only, albeit minor, complaint is that when a company that is intent on plastic reduction produces a product for such purposes and then uses plastic theft deterrent devices (think the crazy little plastic things that hold a pack of socks together or keep multi-piece kids outfits connected to a hanger) I get a little crazy. I do not like those silly little things all over clothing etc to begin with. Seems to me there is a more eco way to deter theft for brick and mortar retail. I know its icky picky but I strongly dislike the little plastic buggers and the irony of them being used with a product intended to get you to stop using plastic is not lost on me.

Review by on

Just rec'd. Can they be used to store produce or just for when I purchase?

Good concept, but polyester?
Review by on

I received these bags as my MightyFix. I love the concept and I will use them at the grocery as well as for laundry as others have mentioned. However, I probably would not have purchased them on my own because 1) they are made in China and 2) they are polyester. I would prefer a natural cotton product.

Great Idea but...
Review by on

I love the idea of reducing waste by bringing reusable produce bags but keep in mind that these are made of polyester which is not a sustainable material. The toxins and waste that results from polyester production is significant and the bags are not biodegradable themselves. I will be purchasing produce bags in a more sustainable material. Happy shopping!

Holy Mother Of God! What a waste of Money
Review by on

Well, to be fair, I might have been using them off purpose (as sock bags). They ALL fell apart after one wash. Not worth the moolah and definitely not versatile. Meh.

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