GreenLine Dog Poop Bags

GreenLine Dog Poop Bags

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GreenLine Dog Poop Bags
6 Pack
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GreenLine Dog Poop Bags
12 Pack
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What makes it Mighty?

  • proprietary additive allows bag to break down into organic matter, even in landfill conditions
  • durable bags won't leak
  • shipped package free to avoid unnecessary waste

Product Details

GreenLine Poop Bags perform just like a standard disposable bag but a special proprietary additive allows the plastic to break down in landfill conditions. So you can toss used bags in the trash and rest assured they won’t linger around for years to come, instead they’ll break down into natural organic matter.

  • 12 bags per roll
  • Reduce waste and save by going package free
  • Made with a proprietary additive and HDPE
  • Recycled paper core
  • Unscented

Choose 6 rolls (72 bags) or 12 rolls (144 bags)

Here’s a quick tutorial on the lifecycle of a poop bag. See how GreenLine bags can help reduce your dog’s environmental paw print:

  • To prevent contaminating our air and water, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends scooping dog poop with a bag and discarding it in the trash.
  • The end of life cycle for most poop bags is a landfill.
  • When trash arrives at a landfill, it’s buried. This controls litter, minimizes odor and protects public health.
  • A poop bag in a landfill is in an anaerobic environment which means it lacks oxygen. It’s a dark, dry place and the bags are buried forever.
  • GreenLine Poop Bags are made from plastic and a proprietary additive which allows the bags to break down  anywhere, even buried in a landfill.
  • GreenLine’s technology utilizes the power of microbes and bacteria which are plentiful in landfills. They break down the barriers in plastic that prevent natural biodegradation to occur.
  • Hungry microorganisms looking for food to eat consume the bag and produce natural, organic matter, returning it to the earth.

Bag size: 9" wide x 14" long / fits most standard holders

Made in China

SKU: GL-200BULK-sets
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About GreenLine Pet Supply
We started GreenLine Pet Supply out of our home with a goal to design the ultimate poop bag and holder. Our friends tested our prototypes, and our dogs provided lots of "field testing". The average dog owner throws away over 1000 bags per year. Poop bags are not created equal and your choice can make a difference. GreenLine Poop Bags are Mother Earth approved. We believe in making products with a purpose. From the materials we source to the people we partner with, our goal is to do our part for the planet and make products you are excited to share with your friends.

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