Jerky Bites Dog Treats

Jerky Bites Dog Treats

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Jerky Bites Dog Treats
Duck Tato
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Jerky Bites Dog Treats
Salmon Says Butternut
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What makes it Mighty?

  • made with upcycled fruits and veggies rescued from supermarkets to reduce food waste
  • supports digestive health and shiny coats
  • bite sized for training, delicious mouthwatering treats free from artificial flavors

Product Details

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Each bag of Shameless Pets jerky bite treats comes with unique health benefits, whether supporting digestion or promoting a shiny coat. All Shameless Pets treats are made by upcycling foods, the sustainable solution to rescue and transform misfit and surplus produce into high quality, delicious treats for your pets! That means those perfectly nutritious foods that are not-quite-right for the grocery stores (aka jumbo blueberries, mini sweet potatoes & the yellowest bananas) are living their best second life as dog treats and reducing food waste — every six bags purchased equals one pound of food rescued to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Duck-Tato Jerky Bites — for digestive health — You may want to take shelter when these jerky bites spin up your furry tornado.  After the storm settles you’ll be relieved to know these bites also support digestive health. With cage free duck so you don’t have to ask “What the duck?” when it comes to nutrition.

Salmon Loves Butternut Jerky Bites — for a shiny coat — Combining wild-caught salmon with upcycled butternut squash + sweet potatoes, to make a new jerky treat for your pup. And the benefits besides drool-worthy taste? The butternut squash and sweet potatoes act as aids for digestion, while the salmon, rich in omega-3s, vitamins, and minerals will give your pup's coat a nice, and luscious shine. 

  • Bite sized for training
  • Free from grain, corn & soy 
  • No artificial flavors

Size: Duck-Tato 6 oz / Salmon Loves Butternut 5 oz

Use and care:

Recommended Daily Intake: 5-15 lbs. - 1-3 Pieces; 15-30 lbs - 3-5 Pieces; 30-50 lbs. 5-8 Pieces; 50-75+ lbs. 8-11 Pieces

Where is it made?
How is it packaged?
25% PCR Plastic, gusseted bag
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About Shameless Pets
At Shameless we create a delicious product out ingredients that would have otherwise been wasted—that's called Upcycling! Imagine a farmer’s leftover pumpkins after Halloween, apple pulp from a cider press, or lobster shells that would normally get tossed in the landfill. In the case of our treats, this unused food becomes an ingredient that is highly nutritious and ridiculously tasty. Food is wasted every step along the way from the field to consumption — agricultural production, post harvest, processing, distribution to consumption. Shameless Pets focuses on rescuing ingredients from agricultural production, post harvest leftovers, and food processing. Fruits, vegetables, and dairy are the greatest contributors to food waste and where we focus our efforts. In addition to wasting nutritious calories, food waste contributes to throwing away precious resources such as water, land, energy, and labor. It also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Reducing food waste can be a huge benefit to our ecosystem! Every 6 bags of Shameless Pets dog treats saves 1lb of food from going to waste! SAFETY + NUTRITION = OUR TOP PRIORITIES Every ingredient is carefully selected to provide the utmost nutrition while prioritizing the plant's sustainability. Our team is passionate about make sure we feed our pets well. We use only the highest quality ingredients and work with certified manufacturers. We create pet treats that are delicious and safe for those who demand the best for their pets. Grains, preservatives, artificial colors, and artificial flavors have no place in our products, and are never used.

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