GoToob+ Medium 3-Pack

GoToob+ Medium 3-Pack
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GoToob+ Medium 3-Pack
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What makes it Mighty?

  • wide opening for easy filling
  • LoopLock prevents leaks & spills
  • squeezable silicone is easy to clean

Product Details

The GoToob+ is the new standard in silicone travel bottles. The new GoToob+ keeps the features we love from the original GoToob — it’s still made from soft, rugged silicone that’s easy to squeeze and gets every last drop out; it’s still air travel approved (TSA); and it’s food-safe (FDA). But the GoToob+ also offers a bunch of new features that no other soft travel bottle has. The GoToob+ features a new, larger opening making it both easier to fill and clean. The bases of the GoToob+ tubes have been contoured so that they can now stand up easily for even easier filling. There are larger size indicators on the silicone (making the size clearer to TSA agents so you can breeze through security). The GoToob+ collar has an exclusive LoopLock, which makes it almost impossible to accidentally open the cap, further reducing the chance of any leakage. The LoopLock can also be used to hang the tube from a hook or clip it to the outside of a pack. There’s also a textured area on the collar where you can write in the contents with a permanent marker - the texturing helps the ink stay in place and prevents it from being rubbed off.

  • Pre-packaged Medium 3-Packs are available in three-color assortments
  • FDA food-safe
  • BPA and Phthalate free
  • GoToob+ comes with humangear’s lifetime warranty 

Capacity: 2.5 fl oz.
Dimensions (L X W X H): 2 X 4 X 1.5 inches
Dry Weight: 1.76 oz (50 grams) 

Care: The tubes and collars are dishwasher safe (top rack only). The flip caps can be hand-washed in warm, soapy water.

Materials: Tube is Silicone, Cap Valve is Silicone, ID ring and cap plastic are #5PP (polypropylene)

Made in China

SKU: HG-med3pack

What Others are Saying

mighty bird

Overall Score

2 reviews
Review by Jenae on 8/10

These bottles are great! I love that the squeeze feature is truly water tight until you squeeze it. I've been using mine (which I got in a MightyFix) for micellar water and never had a leak. Haven't used the hook feature, but that's not a reason I would have purchased this.

Great product, but too big for airplane travel
Review by Teresa on 9/2
Great product, but too big for airplane travel

I love the concept of these silicone tubes. They are easy to fill and clean and they work well. However, they are quite bulky. I brought them to hold my toiletries for air travel and they are too bulky to fit everything I need into a 1 quart ziplock bag. (I'm a girl so I bring a lot of different items - shampoo, conditioner, hair cream, hair gel, face wash, face cream... the list goes on!) Basically, I need a slimmer design of these tubes and they would be perfect.

One other thing that I think is worth mentioning: I partly bought these specific tubes because of their cap lock/hanging ring. However, if you use the cap lock it makes the tube take up even more space. Also, if you're using the cap lock as a ring to hang the tube, (1) it doesn't feel very sturdy so I wouldn't fully trust it to hang on the outside of a pack for hiking/backpacking or anywhere where it could get banged around, and (2) it hangs the tube upside down so that you have to shake the contents back down in order to get them out. It would be nice if the ring were sturdier and on the other end of the tube.

To sum up, if you want these tubes for non-airplane travel (or if you do not need to cram as many different products as I do into a 1 quart bag) and the tubes are not at risk of getting banged around when hanging from a pack, this is a great product!

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