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Ovo Egg Cooker
2 reviews

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Product Details

Ovo is a silicone mold to cook eggs in a practical and original way, giving them a cylindrical shape. You can cook eggs in a microwave in less than 1 minute. Add ingredients to give them more flavor and enjoy a healthy and easy way of cooking eggs. OVO molds also allow you a great variety of cooking: hard boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs, boiled egg and even Spanish omelets cooked in bain marie or microwave.  Rub mold with one drop of oil to activate the naturally inherent non-stick properties of silicone.

Materials: 100% Plantinum silicone


Made responsibly in China

3.5 ounce capacity. 3.9" x 3.9" x 2.7"H

Dishwasher Safe

Made by Lékué

SKU: 3401900B04U008
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Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall Score

2 reviews
Love this egg cooker!
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Love this egg cooker!

Received this little cooker yesterday and I couldn't wait to try it this morning. I sprayed some avocado oil and used Egg Beaters (3 TBLS) and a bit of shredded cheese and some real bacon bits. Popped right out - was easy and delish! I have other Lekue items and have been very pleased. No taste transfer whatsoever. Silicone cookware is great! Thank you for a nice product. I might have to get another one soon.

Plastic Smelling Egg
Review by on
Plastic Smelling Egg

One of the first things I noticed about the Ovo Egg Cooker was a strong plastic smell. This made me wary but I cooked an egg with it in boiling water. The finished egg taken out of the cooker smelled nauseatingly of the plastic and I noticed it had tiny bits of a clear plastic film on it-- I don't know if the silicone has a lining that was shedding during the cooking? I threw out the egg and will be throwing out the Ovo Egg Cooker. This was my first purchase from MightyNest and it was most disappointing.

MIGHTYNEST REPLY: The silicone used in Lekue’s products is an odorless, colorless polymer composed mainly of silicon, which is found naturally in sand, quartz and rocks. It is flexible, resistant and withstands high temperatures. It doesn’t leave residues and doesn’t alter the flavor of foods. There are no plastic coatings or anything that would transfer from the platinum silicone to your food. One possibility is that when you over cook an egg, it gets a funky plastic taste to it, as well as a scale that looks like dried plastic. Since silicone is transparent to microwaves, things cook very quickly, and in turn over cook very quickly. We have been in communication with manufacturer about your experience, and are happy to speak with you further about this should you have any questions or like to try another one.

Lékué is fun and practical; it’s design and functionality. Lékué products have revolutionised kitchens around the world, making them spaces for new food experiences and unique sensations. Blending flavours and textures; making recipes and trying them, all of this helps children and adults discover the pleasures of cooking at home. The search for new experiences and a focus on health, those are the reasons why Lékué products are sold in over 40 countries in 5 continents. A universal product that adapts to all culinary cultures to reach all kitchens and teach everyone, everywhere, about the pleasures of cooking at home. Would you like to spend a day with Lékué?

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