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Glass Straw for Lids (straw only)

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Product Details

A safe and eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic straws, these elegant glass drinking straws are handmade in the U.S.A. of glass which does not leach ANY TOXINS into your drink.  These glass drinking straws are made of borosilicate tubing and is the strongest glass commercially available. This means that we are bringing you the strongest, most durable drinking straw possible. Everything tastes better in glass!

Travel drinkware with lids are used daily by many, and thankfully there are many refillable and reusable options available. Many have found that the 7mm diameter is a bit small and the 9.5mm too large. Introducing the new "Lid Straw". Designed to fit the holes in many straws lids, we think Goldilocks would say this size is just right! Length: 7 inches (perfect length for many jars)

Works well with EcoJarz lids and drinking jars.

The glass straws are covered by an unbelievable Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage - if they ever break, you'll get a free replacement from Glass Dharma

Cleaning: We recommend that you rinse your straw thoroughly when you are finished using it.  If it is left to dry without rinsing, it may be difficult to clean the inside. Simply soak your straw in warm soapy water and then use the cleaning brush. Straws come individually boxed. Note: 10" straws do not come individually boxed.

Straws will easily withstand dishwasher and microwave use. It's actually recommended to sanitize your straws in the dishwasher.

Made in USA

Made by GlassDharma
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The founder has been a lampworker (glassblower) for over 10 years and created the GlassDharma line of glass drinking straws not just because they promote health and are environmentally friendly, but that they do these things with elegance and style.Glass straws don’t leach toxins into your food as you drink and are made of borosilicate tubing, the strongest glass commercially available. They have spared no expense in bringing you the strongest, most durable drinking straw possible. Great for hot or cold drinks, microwave and dishwasher safe. Fully backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee; covered by an unbelievable Lifetime Guarantee - means that if they ever break, they'll replace them - Free. Hand-made in the U.S.A.

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