Anti-Bug Shake and Spray

Anti-Bug Shake and Spray
3 reviews

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What makes it Mighty?

  • repels insects with a pleasant and refreshing scent, wintergreen, rosemary, cedar, lemongrass & citronella essential oils
  • organic soybean & castor oil base keeps active oils on skin without being greasy or sticky
  • certified organic, low-impact recyclable aluminum bottle

Product Details

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Badger’s Anti-Bug Shake & Spray is a totally organic & natural bug spray repellent formulated with pure essential oils to naturally keep bugs, mosquitoes and insects away from you and your family. Shake & Spray bug repellent naturally repels insects with the pleasant aroma of Citronella, Rosemary, and Wintergreen essential oils. Badger Shake & Spray has been independently lab tested for efficacy - so it's safe and effective for the whole family! The sturdy, lightweight aluminum bottle is easily recyclable.

  • Repels insects naturally with the pleasant aroma of Citronella, Rosemary, and Wintergreen essential oils.
  • Laboratory tested to repel mosquitoes and stable flies.
  • No synthetic chemicals, DEET or petroleum products.
Use and care:

Shake well before each use. Spray directly on entire area of skin to be protected. Reapply as needed. For sensitive skin, apply a small amount of the product to test before full use. Keep out of eyes and keep off broken or unhealthy skin. Adult supervision is recommended when using this product on children.

Where is it made?
New Hampshire, USA
How is it packaged?
Aluminum bottle with plastic spray top
End of use:
Is it Vegan?
Why yes it is!
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What Others are Saying

mighty bird

Overall Score

3 reviews
This works great! Love that I
Review by Bridget on 7/8
This works great! Love that I

This works great! Love that I don't have to worry about how long this is on the kids when we are at the lake lot and camping. It has a strong fragrance, some seem to think too strong and don't care for the smell. I don't mind it at all. The fact that it works great without Deet is a major plus for me.

Not Effective
Review by Sara on 6/12
Not Effective

This did not work at all for anyone in my family. Very disappointed - had high hopes. We are in a wooded area but even in the middle of the day when there are less mosquitoes this did nothing. I've started to just spray it around doors and windows- that seems to keep them away for a few minutes but that's it!

Does not work
Review by shadow_sunny_sable on 6/28
Does not work

I am located in north Texas. This does not work for me one it. Tested it one early evening in a dog agility class. Wore long pants but shoe sleeve shirt. Sprayed generously all over my arms and hands. Got about 5-6 bites in 15 min. Reapply, and got bit some more. Used it again early one morning taking the dogs to the dog park. Long pants again but short sleeve shirt. Even sprayed it on my hair and neck, and on my clothes. Mosquitos swarmed all over me. Someone had left a bottle of OFF on a park bench and I had to use it. Used this again today on a morning walk with my dogs. Wore shorts, and got bitten every where. All these times, I sprayed skin so soft on my dogs and Mosquitos stayed away from them. I will not buy this again. So disappointed.

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About Badger
Badger is a family-owned, family-friendly company situated on the banks of the Ashuelot River in southern New Hampshire. Badger's philosophy flows from the ground up. That means they base their formulations on the use of fresh, whole, chemical-free, organic ingredients. They run their business in a spirit of kindness and respect for people and for the planet. And they produce some of the world's finest healthy bodycare products. Badger's products contain absolutely NO chemicals, synthetics, "fragrances", parabens, GMO's or any other bad stuff you don't want to put on your skin. Badger is a Certified B Corporation.

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