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SmilePack delivers healthy smile care every month

Choose from three MightyNest-tested systems:

The Classic

Schmidt's + Eco-Dent

Schmidt ecodent product 400

A easy upgrade to your daily routine

$9.34/mo $10.99
The Innovator

Essential Oxygen

Eo product 400

The gentle way to power-whiten

$20.38/mo $23.98

Save 25% on your first month with code TRYSMILEPACK

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All SmilePack products are natural, safe and really work. MightyNest-tested and approved!

Choose Schmidt's + Eco-Dent if you:
  • Love zesty flavors and a sparkling clean feel
  • Want a healthy upgrade to a regular routine
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Choose Essential Oxygen if you:
  • Prefer the gentle, organic way to power-whiten
  • Want an exciting new oral routine
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How SmilePack Works

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Save 25% on your first month with code TRYSMILEPACK

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Why You'll Love SmilePack


All SmilePack sets meet our tough criteria: safe for your body and the planet. It’s the happy healthy way to smile bright!

Confidently fresh & safe

Every month, SmilePack has you covered with a natural toothpaste + rinse that really works! Upgrade your dental and oral health with safe ingredients.

100% pure – 0% yuck

Don’t frown: most conventional oral products contain toxic and irritating ingredients that can contribute to gum disease, allergies, hormone disruption, and even cancer. SmilePack products are made with safe, pure ingredients. Smile bright with dentist-pleasing results and taste great!

Smile pack ingredients 400x600
MightyNest Approved - Safe, Healthy, Non-toxic
  • Great taste
  • Safe natural ingredients
  • Naturally anti-bacterial & effective
  • No sodium lauryl sulfate
  • No triclosan
  • No toxic or artificial ingredients

Why We Created SmilePack

We understand that you want the best of both worlds: safe and sparkling fresh! SmilePack simply keeps you supplied with trustworthy products that deliver great results.

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Save 25% on your first month with code TRYSMILEPACK

No-Risk Trial

We believe that you deserve to try this important healthy essential. That’s why we provide this offer for 25% off your first month!

Confidently make the change! The MightyNest team is here to help you discover the healthy option that works best for your body. Call us at 847.905.0567 or chat online with any question.

Safe Toothpaste + Rinse: The Facts

Toothpaste + Mouthwash

Choose safe toothpaste + mouthwash to keep your smile naturally fresh and clean.

+ Why it matters

Your mouth’s delicate membranes provide a fast track into your bloodstream for foods, medicines, and toxic ingredients. Conventional oral products contain overwhelming amounts of allergens, carcinogens, and other questionable ingredients.

+ What to avoid

  • Triclosan kills good gut bacteria, disrupts hormones
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) carcinogen and insecticide
  • Plastic microbeads may contribute to gum disease
  • Artificial sweeteners can cause tissue damage
  • Propelene glycol skin irritant
  • Diethanolamine (DEA) carcinogen

+ What we look for

  • Pure natural ingredients:
    • aloe vera (aloe barbadensis) fights bacteria and irritation
    • bentonite clay removes plaque
    • baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) whitens
    • salt removes plaque and fights infection
    • coconut oil fights infection
    • neem oil antibacterial
    • stevia safe sweetener
    • xylitol safe sweetener, inhibits bacteria growth
    • essential oils fight infection and taste great!
  • Tastes great
  • Dentist-pleasing results

Frequently Asked Questions

Does natural toothpaste + rinse really work?
Yes. You can rely on all SmilePack products to whiten and brighten and promote oral health. We’ve tested dozens of safe toothpastes and oral rinses and these are the best.
I don’t know which SmilePack system to try.

All three SmilePacks safely delight smiles and dentists.

  • Schmidt’s + Ecodent is the easy way to upgrade your usual routine.
  • Magic Mud mixes a swig of fun into the daily brush-and-rinse.
  • Essential Oxygen offers a fresh organic choice: rinse THEN brush for powerfully bright results.

More questions? We are here to help! Just call or chat with our friendly Customer Service team for suggestions. You can change your choice at any time.

Can I change my SmilePack system?
Yes. You can choose a different SmilePack system or cancel at any time.
Will SmilePack toothpastes and rinses work as well as conventional products?
SmilePack products are MightyNest-tested to deliver amazing results. We believe that they work as well as or better than conventional products. SmilePack products are made with safe ingredients to help keep your mouth and body naturally healthy.
What if SmilePack doesn’t work for me?
Please reach out. We are here to help. Our Customer Service team will work with you to find the best toothpaste + rinse for your mouth. Our solutions cover a wide range of needs and we want you to have a successful experience.
How does free shipping work?
Every month your SmilePack ships for free in your monthly box. Anything else you add to your box from our shop ships free too! Free shipping is available in the contiguous 48 United States. In other states, territories, and countries, a shipping fee will apply.
What’s the catch?
There’s no catch! You can change or cancel your subscription at any time without penalties. We think you’ll love SmilePack!