Making Healthy,
Green Living Simple

Discover the best products to create
a healthy, sustainable home
for just $10/month

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Every Change You
Make Matters

From ditching plastic wrap to upgrading from chemical dryer sheets to discovering natural deodorant that works, with each upgrade you'll be living better, creating a healthier home for loved ones and contributing to a greener planet.

How it Works

Every month we pick one amazing product for you
We ship it free!
free shipping
You enjoy the peace of mind that comes from living mightier each month

Why You'll Love It

It Feels Great to Live Better

You'll be amazed how much impact you'll have in a short time

A Great Value

The average fix is 30% off retail price and always worth more than $10.

Everything Ships Free

Shop any of our 2,000+ products & ship them free with your MightyFix * free to US contiguous 48 states only see other shipping options

Exclusive Deals

Each month we have special, member-only pricing on a selection of our favorite products

We'll Keep You In the Know

Expert content throughout the month to help you get the most out of your fix

Our Members Say it All

"The MightyFix is the easiest way for me to replace my kitchen supplies with eco-friendly, sustainable alternatives. I love the idea of renovating my kitchen a little at a time, month by month, as opposed to all at once! So easy and affordable."

– Amy Roskelley Super Healthy Kids

"The beauty of the MightyFix is that it’s basically like getting free shipping once a month, so if you have any other lunch supplies you’re pining for, you can add any of these items to your order and it all ships free!"

– Katie Kimball Kitchen Stewardship

"I think the MightyFix is awesome because it gives me a chance to try new-to-me products that help reduce waste in my kitchen!"

– Marisa McClellan Food in Jars

"The MightyFix is a fabulous and fun way to slowly make the transition to non-toxic products in your kitchen!"

– Lisa Leake 100 Days of Real Food

"The MightyFix is like a surprise gift that you can give to yourself or a loved one each and every month. It's a small but mighty reminder of how we can constantly be living cleaner, healthier lives."

– Genevieve Howland Mama Natural

"The MightyFix is a fun way to discover new goods for healthy living, while also supporting the school of your choice. And if you take advantage of the free add-on shipping, it's a complete no-brainer!"

– Andrew Wilder Eating Rules

"For me, I'm reassured the Mighty Nest moms did the research so offerings are durable and practical, so it saves me time, worry AND money!"

– Johanna H. West Chester, PA

"MightyNest has helped me upgrade the way I do so many little things in my home every day. I feel better about the health and safety of my family. Thank you!"

– Margaret K. Chicago, IL
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Our Pledge

We make it easier for you and your family to create a healthier, greener home every month. Every one of our products has been hand-picked for its quality and design and thoroughly researched to be free of potentially harmful chemicals.

  • No BPA
  • No phthalates
  • No lead
  • Real materials
  • Time tested, durable
  • Safe alternatives that work

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the value of the product worth more than $10?
Yes, we guarantee that the value of the products we send you will always be at least $10. These are NOT samples or cheaper versions of the great products we sell. Every month we'll send one full-size product that we love and think you will find useful. Plus, it all ships free—an extra $5.95 of value.
When Can I Expect My First MightyFix to Arrive?
Good news! We ship your first fix on the second business day after you order. This gives you time to add on anything you want to your order to ship FREE with your first MightyFix.
Do you still donate 15% of each MightyFix payment to my school?
Yes! Every order at MightyNest qualifies for 15% back to your school. Every month, 15% of the $10 payment will end up in your school's pocket.
How long am I committing to be a MightyFix member when I sign up?
With the MightyFix, you can cancel any time, so there is no long term commitment. Canceling your MightyFix membership is simple: 1) Login to your MightyNest account, go to "My Account" 2) Click on the Cancel button and follow the simple instructions. If you have any trouble finding that option, just call us at (847) 905 - 0567 or reply to one of the MightyFix emails to tell us you would like to cancel. There are no fees or penalties, and our incredibly friendly customer service team will take care of you in seconds. 12 Month subscriptions cannot be canceled until the 12 Month period has completed.
How does the free shipping on anything I add work?
As a MightyFix member, you get free shipping with anything you add to your MightyFix shipment (only available in US contiguous 48 states). Need dishwasher detergent or sunscreen? Just throw it in and it'll ship for free in the same box as your next MightyFix.

When you add an item to your cart, you will be give the option to ship it with your MightyFix or to ship it now. (If you don't see that option, be sure to log into your account with the Login link at the top of the page). At checkout, there is also an option to move any items in your cart to ship with your MightyFix. Feel free to add or remove items during the month and when your MightyFix subscription bills, so will any Add-On items.
If I live outside the US contiguous 48 states, can I still sign up for the MightyFix?
Yes! We are finally able to extend the MightyFix outside of the contiguous 48 states in the US. For US addresses outside of the contiguous 48 states, we do offer the MightyFix, but cannot offer free shipping on "add on" orders. See our shipping details for more details about the shipping discounts we do offer for your state.
For Canada and Australia, we now have an affordable international shipping option that makes the MightyFix possible right to your doorstep. A small shipping fee ($3 CAN and $4 AUS) will be applied to each month of the fix for international orders.
If I don't like this month's fix, can I return it?
Sorry, we don't accept returns on the Mighty Fix. Our mission with the Fix is to get as many families started on a journey of creating a healthier home. Because we are sending a product that is guaranteed to be at least $10 in value and ships for free, we can only afford to ship them one way. We're confident that you will find every Fix useful around your home.
I don't have kids in the home, can you make sure my shipments don't have products for children?
You're in luck! The MightyFix is always something anyone in the home can use, so we will not include products that are only useful for families with young children.
My credit card expired, how can I update it so that I can keep receiving these amazing fixes?
To update the credit card that will be used with your MightyFix: 1) Login to your MightyNest account and go to "My Account" 2) Find the "Billing Information" section 3) Click the "Manage" button and enter your updated card information. You should be able to quickly update the credit card number or expiration date. If you have any trouble finding that option, just call us at (847) 905 - 0567 or reply to one of the MightyFix emails to tell us you need help.
How does the 12 Month subscription work?
The 12 Month subscription allows you to subscribe for 12 months without having to pay each month. It ships free just like the monthly, and it comes with a nice discount for opting into a whole year of fixes. When your 12 months are over, we will NOT bill you for the price of another 12 months. Instead, we simply convert your subscription into a month-to-month account that you can cancel at any time. You are also able to buy another 12 Month Subscription at that time to get another annual discount, and the 12 months of credit will be applied to your account. 12 Month subscriptions cannot be canceled until the 12 Month period has completed.
Can I give the MightyFix as a Gift?
After much anticipation...YES, you can! Friends and family across the country are going nuts for the MightyFix. What's especially unique about the MightyFix as a gift is that your gift recipient will enjoy the benefits of MightyFix FREE SHIPPING on anything else they want to add from MightyNest. How's that for the gift that keeps on giving?
How do I know when my MightyFix is shipping so I can place Add On Orders in time?
If you check your account page, you'll note a date that the subscription will shipped next. You will receive a notice about the next time your card will be billed and also when your Add-On Order Cutoff Time is. Any questions? Feel free to reach out and we'll be happy to clarify the timelines.
The Fine Print: Terms & Conditions for MightyFix Subscribers
  • The MightyFix is valid for US, Canada, and Australia customers only.

  • One MightyFix subscription per household.

  • Offer only valid while supplies last.

  • The MightyFix cannot be exchanged or returned.

  • The offer of Free Shipping on the MightyFix only applies to merchandise sold at Free Shipping only applies to the Contiguous 48 US States. Extra shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, Canada, and Australia incur regular shipping rates.

  • Add-on Orders must be submitted by 11:59pm CST on the day prior to the billing of your MightyFix to ship with that month's MightyFix. Add-on Orders received after that may ship with the following month’s MightyFix. Dates and times are subject to change.

  • Merchandise by the following manufacturers will ship separately from the MightyFix: Austin Air, Naturepedic, PureRest, Jade Yoga, Carolina Morning, Crystal Quest, and select items by Cuzn and Chantal.

  • Your credit card will be charged $10 USD (plus tax when applicable) on the day designated each month for your MightyFix. This day is based on the day of the month when you originally signed up for the MightyFix. Dates and times are subject to change.

  • Illinois residents are subject to sales tax.

  • If your credit card has expired, we will notify you when we attempt to charge and the card is denied. We will automatically cancel your MightyFix subscription after 3 failed attempts. Dates and times are subject to change.

  • Items received via the MightyFix are not intended for resale.

  • To cancel your MightyFix subscription, log in to your MightyNest account. Click the "Cancel" button on the "My Account" page and complete the cancellation form.

  • The MightyFix features two referral programs that are active at various times. During some promotions, participants are offered an opportunity to earn a discount on future MightyNest purchases for referring friends who signup for the MightyFix. To receive that discount on a future purchase, the referred customer must remain a MightyFix Member for a minimum of two months in the event that they joined on a promotion offering a free first month. Referral awards are assessed every 30 days, and awards will be sent via email to the customer making the approved referral. Referral awards may not be combined and only one may be used on each order. Maximum of 3 referral awards per customer per 12 month period. Each referral award is a one time code that may be used on a future order.
    The second referral program does not offer any award for referring a new customer and is intended as a way for current customers to invite friends who would be interested in the MightyFix service.

  • Only one active MightyFix allowed per billing address or delivery address. Customers looking to send a MightyFix to a friend or family member may use the referral program to offer friends a free month when they signup or can send a MightyFix gift.

  • One MightyFix promotional coupon code allowed per delivery address or billing address. A promotional coupon is required to get special annual pricing discounts. Customers may only use a promotional coupon code to signup for the MightyFix once. Attempts to use more than one promotional code for either multiple accounts or on future months of the MightyFix subscription are not allowed and will be automatically canceled. If a customer uses a promotional code for discounted annual pricing, they are not allowed to also use a promotional code to obtain a discounted monthly rate.