MightyNest: Our Mission

Meet our Mighty team with a mighty mission:

Chris Conn

Passionate about making a difference and positively impacting people’s lives, Chris co-founded MightyNest with his wife, Kristen, to support families by giving them the knowledge and tools for creating a healthier, safe home. As CEO of MightyNest, Chris works with the entire team.

My Favorites

Cam Balzer

Cam is on a quest to create richer, more meaningful, more human experiences via the web. As Chief Marketing Officer at Threadless, he witnessed first hand how a passionate group of designers and design fans collaborated to create inspiring products. As Chief Growth Officer, his mission is to build community around our customers' passion and our mission to create a mighty life.

Tracy Zeidler

Tracy and her husband, Holt, live in Chicago, Illinois with their daughter Molly and son RJ. As avid travelers, they have seen how globalization is making the world smaller and how the lives of people everywhere are connected. They strive to make smarter and healthier choices knowing it will impact their lives as well as others. As Chief Operating Officer, Tracy spends her days in the MightyNest warehouse surrounded by our fabulous inventory and our amazing customer service and shipping team.

Kristen Conn

Dedicated to the safety and health of her family and others, Kristen co-founded MightyNest with her husband, Chris, to share her knowledge and educate others about simple ways they can create a safe, non-toxic home for their families. At MightyNest, Kristen spearheads the product research and manufacturer interviews, to ensure each item is not only non-toxic and safe but also unique and well-designed.

Annie Asebrook

Annie is an artist and mindful parent who fuses together her passion for her family and her wonderful sense of how to communicate - both visually and with words to inspire families to live better, healthier lives.

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