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$250 Healthy Kitchen Giveaway Winner!

05.24.11 $250 Healthy Kitchen Giveaway Winner!

"OH MY GOODNESS....serious????!!! I NEVER win anything! I’m thrilled!!! Thank you SO much for offering this!!!! I’m SUPER excited to use everything! I LOVE your blog and have passed it on to several friends. I’m a HUGE fan!!!!"

This was the lucky winner's response to learning she had won the MightyNest $250 Kitchen Giveaway. We are thrilled for her as well and happy to take part in stocking her kitchen with new, safe and durable kitchen wares. Congratulations Cas624!

And thank you for entering our giveaway!  We read each and every comment that came in and learned so much about our amazing community.  It's clear to us that many people, in various stages of life, are all looking to make changes, both big and small, towards a healthier home.

We feel very privileged and happy to be a part of those changes and hope that you continue to look to us as a resource for great, safe products and information. From the nearly 500 entries, we wanted to share a few excerpts:

"What motivates me to learn this world (of non-toxic living) are the faces of my young grandchildren. Mighty Nest has been with me from the beginning, helping me make great choices in toys, clothes, and cookware".

"I am loving all the learning".

"My daughter Antonia and my son Nikola are the two most precious people to me and my husband.  Everyday we do our best to provide a healthy, happy and safe learning environment for them that nurtures their boisterous, strong growth".

"I'm a mom of 3 and am trying to be more aware of everything that goes in and on our bodies".

"We've always tried to eat healthy, but I never thought about such things like plastic in the microwave and the repercussions of doing so. Thank you for making me a smarter, healthier consumer".

"Since most of my kitchenware was purchased in the 60s, it really needs updating.  This would bring me out of the ice ages and hopefully improve my cooking".

"Slowly replacing kitchenware and buying good ol glass containers...bye bye tupperware! And switching to simple item foods and ingredients".

"I've realized that many of our everyday products and materials are also in need of a change.  We first began this with glass storage containers and are beginning the process of changing over to healthy kitchen utility items".

"I have removed almost all plastics from my kitchen this week. It has felt so good to throw this stuff away".

"As a young woman getting ready to head out on her own, I believe it is very important to start living healthy and right from the very beginning".

"Overhauling our kitchen to become more toxic-free has been one spatula at a time".

"Oh, and I've always wanted a really cool glass straw for my super smoothie!"

"I have four little girls and am always concerned that the products that we use might be increasing their risk of breast cancer, early puberty, infertility etc."

"I threw out the last of my teflon cookware.  I was down to one and have already replaced all of my plastic with glass but it is truly a commitment. Sianara nasty teflon!"

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