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5 Tips for Prepping Healthy Food Safely

05.12.11 5 Tips for Prepping Healthy Food Safely


Kitchen week continues! With our kitchenware collection now officially launched, we'll shift our focus to explaining the benefits of our newest safe products for the kitchen this week and next. Stay tuned for posts on tableware and food storage to follow and if you missed it check out yesterday's post on healthy cookware and bakeware.

We spend time choosing the freshest, most brightly colored fruits and vegetables from the produce aisle. But what happens to those foods once you get them home? Setting up the right tools to make a healthy meal is often very satisfying when starting a lengthy food prepping session. We seldom think of our kitchens as a dangerous place (for toxins), and yet this is exactly where there is a risk of potential chemicals and harmful bacteria lurking about.  Here are 5 tips for Healthy Food Prep:

  • Of course, preparing foods in a clean kitchen is essential. Instead of using harsh antibacterial chemicals that could linger or leach into foods, opt for a green solution with equal parts white vinegar and water for a safer solution to combat bacteria woes. Wiping your hands with vinegar after chopping will also remove strong scents like onion and garlic, as well as stains from fruit juices. Some commercial anti-microbial wipes and sprays contain sodium hypochlorite (bleach) or ammonium chlorides, chemicals the EPA lists as hazardous to our health. When mixed with other cleaning products, some of those chemicals can even release toxic gases.



  • Prepping food is also a fun activity where kids can easily get involved. When kids are involved in prepping meals, they tend to feel empowered, excited, and even willing to try new foods. Ultimately, this leads to a healthier and more varied diet as well. Some parents like to play the "rainbow game" --an attempt to eat every color of the rainbow each day. Of course special tools for kitchen duty makes the experience even more fun. After a good hand washing, slip your kid into a PVC-free apron, made with organic cotton and a water-based acrylic coating for easy cleaning. The bamboo kids kitchen utensils are also made with kids in mind as they are sturdy and sized for smaller hands.



  • Also of great use in the kitchen are the food-grade 304 stainless steel vegetable steamer and stainless steel food mill. Both are made with high quality 18/8 stainless steel to ensure corrosion-free food preparation. This is especially important when preparing fresh watery vegetables and baby food that could easily rust lower grade stainless steel.
  • When wrapping foods, avoid wraps made of PVC which are found in commercial grade plastic wraps. In fact, AVOID PVC as much as possible which includes kitchen items such as straws, aprons, gloves, drawer liners and tablecloths. These can be easily replaced with products like a PVC-free apron, PVC-free glass straws and glass storage containers, and organic cotton tablecloths. More on safe food storage to follow tomorrow.......


Do you have favorite prepping tools in your kitchen?  Any additional tips you would like to share?


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