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9 Healthy Must-Haves For My Beach Vacation

03.06.11 9 Healthy Must-Haves For My Beach Vacation

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I was lucky enough to be able to get away this past week for a little R&R. You know the saying, “stop and smell the flowers”? Well, that was exactly what I was aiming to do. My days consisted of waking up and practicing yoga on my balcony while listening to my favorite tunes. Then, off to get morning coffee at the local cafe and replenish some vitamin D at the beach. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget my sunscreen! The day continued on with fabulous food (I couldn't get enough of the ripe mango), much-needed laughter and of course a good nights sleep (Thank you, Sleep Balm!).

As I was preparing for my trip, I wanted to be careful on two fronts: I didn't want to pack too much and I also wanted to bring healthy products. It was easy for me to assemble that bag from the selection here at MightyNest. As spring approaches, and some of you are heading south to the beach, here is my selection of healthy goods:

We all have busy lives, but in order to rejuvenate, we have to take time to stop and smell the flowers. The real ones will be coming soon enough here in the midwest! I am thankful for the break and feel so much better!

What will you do this weekend to get some R&R?

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