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9 Natural Easter Basket Treats

03.18.13 9 Natural Easter Basket Treats

easter bunny

If you're planning to add a few extra non-sugary goodies in your child's Easter basket this year, we have some sweet ideas. Every year I'm surprised by the mountains of artificial "stuff" that lures kids into contemplating what might be in their Easter basket. When I was a kid, I loved searching for my basket in the morning, eager to see what type of chocolate bunny was inside. I longed for a solid one. It was usually hollow. 

Whether you have a baby who delights in shaking a cotton bunny rattle or gnawing on a deliciously soft organic cotton carrot for teething relief or a baby who prefers the smooth tactile sensation of wood, we've got an option. The maple egg shake rattle is one of those objects you'll want around long after your child has grown because it's that satisfying to hold! If your child is older and could use a friendly bunny companion, we love the Baby Victoria Knit bunny. This bunny is made of certified organic cotton and wears a hemp dress --no chemicals or pesticides snuggling up with your kid! 

If you haven't had the chance to draw with beeswax, now's the time! We have two options of natural beeswax and soy crayon rocks that are perfect additions to a basket. Without chemical dyes or additives, and the inevitable snapping of skinny conventional crayons, you'll see the magic of using these creamy colors on paper. Choose from 9 colors of beeswax rocks or a muslin bag of 16 colors of soy crayon rocks.

We also love the playsilks for imaginative games, acting and fort-making. Made with non-toxic dyes and strong enough to withstand rigorous tugging and knot tying, your child will delight in the endless possibilities. Combine the silks with a maple star wand and create games that involve characters and freeze motion. For some floor zooming action, we have the fast and smooth maple bunny car. Made from solid maple and left unfinished, this handled car is perfect for crawlers to maneuver and morphs into a pull toy with some string or silk added.

And for some fun activities to do with your kids, the Eco-kids natural egg coloring kit makes beautiful and vibrant Easter eggs! The dyes are made with natural and organic fruit, plant and vegetable extracts from annatto seed, curcumin, purple sweet potato and red cabbage instead of synthetic petroleum based food dyes found in conventional egg coloring kits. We also love Wool Buddy Needle Felting kits (owl, sheep, penguin and bunny) especially for older kids who can utilize the needle without poking themselves.



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