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At the Table

05.17.11 At the Table

For the average meal, there can be quite a few serving pieces to carry to and from the table. At MightyNest, we not only look for the safest options for your family, but also are keenly aware of creating an aesthetic home. After safety, we look at design, quality, durability and overall performance in the products that we ultimately select.

Some people love to set a table and some people just don't. With stackable dishware, setting the table becomes easy and kind of fun, especially for a kid, learning the ropes. Most of the Duralex glasses, bowls and plates are stackable, making for far less trips back to the kitchen. This is also great for economizing space in kitchen cabinets.

Since there are different needs for every family, different tables require different wares. Below is a sample selection made of non-toxic staple materials like glass, stainless steel, wood and silicone.






What are your favorites that always make it to the table?

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