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Duralex Glassware - Tough Enough for Kids

08.19.11 Duralex Glassware - Tough Enough for Kids

duralex glassware

This is a guest post written by a new member of the MightyNest community. She is just beginning her journey towards creating a safe and healthy home for her family. Amanda will be writing posts periodically, sharing her journey with us. 

A couple of months ago I set out to educate myself - a once blissfully ignorant mom - about the potentially harmful effects of sunscreen. That post was just the beginning of my journey to create a safer, less toxic home environment for my family. After my research, I decided to make one very important change and stop using sunscreens containing oxybenzone. It was the first change in what I hoped would lead to more mighty changes. Today, I hope you’ll allow me to share with you another exciting change that I’ve made – the transition from plastic dishware to tempered glass by Duralex.

Glass plates? I was skeptical at first.  With three children and two dogs who just love to help themselves to leftovers on the kitchen table, I thought these would never stand up to our oftentimes chaotic lifestyle. Boy was I wrong! These plates have been knocked to the floor by an overzealous Labradoodle and clinked together in the dishwasher by little hands helping with cleanup. There isn’t ONE chip on any of these plates. I LOVE them!

Want to know what I love most about Duralex plates?  They are SAFE!  I can confidently serve hot foods on this dishware and know that there aren’t any toxic chemicals leeching into their food. And, as a mom who is always looking to make things as easy as possible for myself in the kitchen, leftovers can be stored in the fridge and reheated – all on the same plate.

How did I get here?  Brace yourself…you may cringe when I confess that when my kids were babies I was guilty of heating those plastic Avent bottles in the microwave.  And, until recently, my kids often ate off of and had meals reheated on plastic plates...and not just any plastic plates, these were tiny treasures – the "Make A Plate" plates they worked so hard on in pre-school.

And now I'm excited to share that I officially said so long to those plastic plates and completely replaced them with tempered glass Duralex plates. My children haven’t missed those plastic plates one bit. I suppose it was my own nostalgia, not theirs, that kept me from replacing those dishes sooner. To be quite honest, they really love the new Duralex plates because they are more “grown up.” I should have known – kids WANT to feel grown up.

What’s next in my journey to create a safer home for my family? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out. What I can tell you is that I am much more aware of the potential dangers of plastic. I’ve said sayonara to any frozen foods that must be cooked in the plastic container, including one of my favorites – Stouffers creamed spinach. Believe me, THAT’s a big deal.

I hope you’ll continue to follow my journey.  I’d love to hear about any mighty changes that you have made to create a safer, less toxic home.

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