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First Vacation After Baby, Total Disaster

05.04.11 First Vacation After Baby, Total Disaster


My husband and I just returned from our first vacation away from our daughter. We thought the stars had aligned for this somewhat last minute trip - buy one get one free plane ticket, free babysitters, a cheap hotel room, and a warm destination (Phoenix) to escape this annoyingly cold Chicago spring. I was obviously nervous about leaving my daughter for the first time but I figured, how bad could it be?

So, we dropped our daughter off at my parents house and headed to the airport and it all went downhill from there, but not for the reasons you'd think...

On Friday...
- I left my sweatshirt on the plane.
- I got a migraine which turned into a cold.
 - We enjoyed fabulous food and wine dining outdoors...which ended with me having no less than 15 bug bites (more like welts) all over my legs. I guess that's what I get for trading in my usual weekend sweats for a dress and heels.

On Saturday...
- Treated ourselves to massages, which was relaxing right up until I broke out in hives due to an apparent allergic reaction to the lotion.

On Sunday...
- I totally wiped out playing tennis and scraped the skin off my right knee (this was, by the way, 5 minutes after my husband knocked me down with a line drive to my right leg - sorry honey, had to include that...)
- Decided on dinner and a movie (Rio) to round out our vacation. We arrived at the theater, bought our tickets only to find out it was in 3D, which by the way gives me migraines. So, for the last night of vacation I got to watch a blurry cartoon movie :)

On Monday...
- The combination of a cold and a flight home resulted in my right ear being completely clogged (still) rendering me temporarily hearing impaired and slightly off-kilter.

All of this means that even though the weather was amazing, my skin was too itchy and/or beat up to enjoy the sun! The good news (?) is that I was too distracted by my own train-wreck self to stress about being away from my daughter, who by the way had a BLAST with her grandparents!

Despite it all, my husband and I had a great time - lots of laughs and definitely lots of memories.  I can say without a doubt that we will always remember our first vacation away from our daughter.  The best part being coming home to a daughter who was smiling ear-to-ear the second we walked in the door.

Any good stories from your first post-baby vacation?

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