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Four tips for getting lunch to school hot

02.27.14 Four tips for getting lunch to school hot

5 Steps to Packing a hot lunch

On a cold winter day a hot nutritious home cooked lunch tastes and feels great.  Follow these 4 easy steps and ensure your home cooked lunch is still hot at lunchtime.




Step 1: Choose your container wisely

We love this thermos from Lunchbots.  The wide base makes it easier to eat. 304 grade stainless steel interior, including the underside of the lid, ensures no plastic is coming into contact with your hot food.  And, of course, the insulation keeps food hot! 




Step 2: Pre-heat your container


For the most optimal heat retention, pre-heat your container before use. Use hot tap water or even boiling water to fill your container. Attach lid and let sit for a few minutes before pouring out water and adding food.






Step 3: Heat food to boiling point



Soups should be heated to boiling before adding to thermos.  If using microwave, heat food to piping hot (hotter than you would if you were eating it right then).




Step 4: Tighten lid just enough


The Lunchbots thermal has 2 arrows that align to show you the right amount to tighten. Tight enough so it doesnt leak, but not so tight that it is difficult to open!








And finally, enjoy!

Now that you know how easy it is to send a nutritious lunch on the go, will you pack a hot lunch for yourself or a loved one this week?

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