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Gift Guide Partner Pick: Organic Authority

12.21.11 Gift Guide Partner Pick: Organic Authority

Laura Klein of Organic Authority

This holiday season, we asked friends of MightyNest about their favorite gift to give. We're proud to share Laura Klein of Organic Authority's Holiday Partner Pick below. 


Laura Klein's Partner Pick: Endurance Stainless Steel Compost Pail (I actually need one of these!)

I can’t bear to throw out veggie scraps anymore when I know I can reuse them in my organic garden as a compost fertilizer. I love this compost pail because it makes every day composting easy and automatic.



About Organic Authority

Organic Authority is your trusted friend and the web‘s leading resource for all things (what else?) organic! Food, drink, entertaining, health and more: come chill in our kitchen as we test drive the best recipes and chat about foodie culture and healthy living. On Organic Authority you‘ll find out how to grow your first apartment herb garden, how to host a summer BBQ your friends will rave about for seasons to come, which natural deodorants actually work, and much more. Organic Authority has all the tips and expert advice you need for delicious living good.



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