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Help Justin Kick Cancer

05.10.12 Help Justin Kick Cancer

Hello MightyNest friends,

This is a bit of a different post from us.  Today we are reaching out to help a young man fighting testicular cancer.

Yesterday we were struck by a random act of kindness through a partnership between our friends at GiveForward and Brad Feld.  Brad has pledged to match the next $5,000 in donations made on GiveForward for a young man named Justin Salcedo.  The funds will help him pay for medical bills tied to treating testicular cancer.  Brad doesn't know Justin (nor do we).  His effort highlights the power of GiveForward's business (crowd-sourced fundraising for family and friends in need) and the potential we all have to help one another.

When we read about this effort we immediately wanted to get involved, we'd like to take this opportunity to "give forward".  We hate cancer and we strongly believe in our ability to help one another.  

With that in mind, between now and Friday (5/11) at midnight, 15% of every order that is tagged with the words "Kicking Cancer" will be donated to Justin.  Our hope is that we can be part of ensuring that 100% of Brad's matching donations are realized.  If you've been planning or even thinking about placing an order at MightyNest, and just haven't gotten around to it, now is a great time!  Your purchase not only helps you create a healthier home but also helps someone get healthier. 

To ensure your purchase gets counted, please type the words "Kicking Cancer" into the field at the bottom of the checkout page (screenshot below).  


To learn more about Justin please visit his GiveForward Page: http://www.giveforward.com/kickingcancer

What other ways can you help?

1) Go to Justin's Giveforward page, click on the "hugs" tab and give him a virtual hug.  It's free and I guarantee it would be meaningful to Justin.

2) If you can, leave a direct donation for Justin.

Thank you. We feel blessed to be a part of a warm and deeply concerned community. 

The MightyNest Team

Chris, Kristen, Tracy, Annie, Andi, Claire, Emily, Amy

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