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How Do You Handle Receiving Undesired Gifts For Your Kids?

12.01.11 How Do You Handle Receiving Undesired Gifts For Your Kids?

We recently came across the story of a woman who sent an email to her immediate family explaining how she preferred to avoid cheap plastic toys.  It ended up offending her mother-in-law, who felt she will now have to “change the way she shops.”

How do you handle such instances? It’s a tough situation, as you are likely very grateful for your gift-giver's generosity and you don’t want to offend them in any way. Yet at the same time, with concerns about lead and PVC in toys, you want to maintain a healthy and safe home for you and your family.

Have you been the recipient of gifts you feel aren't safe for your kids? Do you end up putting it in the closet until your gift-giver is in town? Do you donate it to Goodwill? Do you drop subtle hints? We'd love to hear how you handle (or avoid) these types of situations.

To help you and your loved ones out, get inspired by our Holiday Gift Guide: Natural Gifts for a Healthy Home...and feel free to share it!


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