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Introducing the MightyNest Gift Guide: Natural Gifts for a Healthy Home!

11.15.11 Introducing the MightyNest Gift Guide: Natural Gifts for a Healthy Home!

Here at Mightynest, we're thrilled to share our first-ever Holiday Gift Guide...Natural Gifts for a Healthy Home! 

In the midst of the holiday season, we know finding the perfect gift can be hard. We also recognize that gift-giving shouldn’t feel like a chore during “that time of year”...so we wanted to make it easier and fun for you!

Inspiration, that's the goal of the MightyNest Gift Guide.  We want to help with gift ideas for the various personalities in your life.  Looking for for the spot-on gift for the person who loves to cook?  Know someone who'd like to practice toxic-free yoga?  Or, maybe there's a child in your life who's imagination is ripe for exploration through play and creativity.  I'm sure we all know someone who'd be delighted by the modern design of an object that is also highly functional.  Imagine finding the perfect gift for a whole family to enjoy...well all that, and more, is in this Gift Guide!

Plus, for a few more ideas, check out our MightyNest favorites and those of some of our partners, each handpicked from our entire inventory of healthy, safe, and non-toxic products.  We all tried to imagine, “What would I LOVE to give this year?"  

It was amazing to photograph and connect with the products, as well as design and develop the guide.  We always talk about how the products are safe, healthy and non-toxic, but rarely get to really showcase all the gorgeous forms, textures and colors of the products we so proudly endorse. 

We hope you enjoy the Gift Guide as much as we enjoyed making it.  And most of all, we hope our selection of Natural Gifts for a Healthy Home leaves you feeling inspired!

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