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Naturally Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer

10.18.12 Naturally Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer


In a culture that has become more germ-obsessed than ever, companies have marketed products of all kinds to keep germs at bay. We can buy antibacterial soaps, cleaners, cutting boards, storage containers, sheets, mattresses and even socks! Not only are these products unnecessary, they also may contribute to antibiotic-resistant super germs.

From airports to grocery stores to gyms and many more public spaces, there's a dispenser ready to give you a dose of anti-bacterial goo. The more we see these "stations", the more likely we feel the need for a bacteria-killing "fix."

Of course most people are just trying to keep their kids from catching the current strain of sickness as it unfolds through school. So it's surely reasonable to think that people would resort to adding more and more antibacterial products to their hands and countertops. But what about the old tried and true method of a good 20 second hand wash? According to the American Medical Association (AMA), there is no evidence that suggests that using antibacterial soap works any more effectively than soap and water.

And further, antibacterial products also contain chemicals that can potentially be harmful to our health. It's best to simply avoid them and save antibiotics for when they're really needed.

A few tips to avoiding germs without harmful antibacterials:

  • Wash hands frequently and especially before eating, when a family member is sick and after using the bathroom. 
  • Dry hands with a clean towel. 
  • Wash counter surfaces regularly with natural plant-based solutions like vinegar, lemon and essential oil. 
  • Wash toys regularly in warm soapy water. 
  • Use triclosan-free soap and triclosan-free hand sanitizer! Our picks are naturally antibacterial hand soaps with the use of thyme essential oil, fennel extract and other essential plant oils. Tea tree, grapefruit and pine essential oils are also naturally antimicrobial.

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