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Parenting, Everyone's Got an Opinion

02.27.11 Parenting, Everyone's Got an Opinion

parenting tips

When I was your age..., Let me give you a tip..., Well, I did it and you turned out fine, didn't you?  ...jury's still out on that one :) 

I thought unsolicited advice was bad before I was a parent but boy was I naive.  It amazes me the things random (and not so random) people come up with and feel the need to share/ask.  

No, random lady at the hardware store, you cannot touch my pregnant belly.  Thank you dog walker #2, yes, I am "ready to pop" and yes, I do know I look exhausted, thank you for pointing that out.  Why, yes, man in the checkered shirt, I do think its perfectly ok to take my 5-day old baby outside.   And no, relative of 6-degrees separation, I do not feel my daughter needs to exercise her lungs by crying. 

Ah, good times.  I'm learning to take it in stride (and train my eyes not to roll so far back in my head that I faint) but its always nice to know I'm not alone.  A friend sent me this article about the least helpful parenting tips and I'm not gonna lie, I almost spit water out my nose while reading it. Hopefully it brings you laughter, too!

What unsolicited advice did you/do you get?

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