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People Towels: Reusable Cloth Napkins + Giveaway!

11.14.11 People Towels: Reusable Cloth Napkins + Giveaway!

people towels

It's estimated that each person uses approximately 3,000 paper towels each year. In addition to cutting down trees and consuming water in the making of paper towels, we also produce methane gas, a leading cause of global warming, in the decomposing of paper towels!

People Towels to the rescue! Made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton, printed with eco-friendly dyes and fair trade certified, these fabulous reusable towels/napkins are cool for both kids and adults. People towels are ideal to pack along with lunch, bring to the gym or leave it hooked to your backpack. No need to rely on a paper towel dispenser! The light-weight fabric is absorbent and quick drying so not to worry about carrying around a soggy cloth. And more, the towels are printed with low impact dyes, unlike conventional towels that use chlorine for extra white whites and chemical-laden dyes for the tacky prints.

The 9" squares are the perfect size to fold up and store in an eco sac. Store up to 6 towels in this compact sac. We currently carry the following designs:

  • This Is Not a Tree
  • Dream Green
  • Love Not Waste
  • Growing Up Green
  • Protect Our Earth

Now, here's the giveaway part. We'd love for one of our lovely customers to enjoy the perk of owning and experiencing People Towels. SO, tell us how/why/where you'd use one of these and and we'll give you 2!! Plus, we'll add an eco sac for stylish sporting.



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