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Preparing for Solid Foods

03.09.11 Preparing for Solid Foods

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I still can't believe my daughter will be 7 months old in three short days!  Every week brings new challenges and excitement - last week it was sitting up independently and just last night it was crawling!  Well...at least I think it qualifies as crawling...it was an "Army crawl" as my husband called it where her belly is flat on the floor and she accomplishes forward movement with her hands and feet.  

Another big recent milestone in our family has been the introduction of solid foods.  I never realized how much fun (and complicated) eating food can be!  My goal is to make all of my daughter's food. This leads me to some important questions about which foods can she eat and when (I know store bought baby food is labeled as stage 1, stage 2, and so on). And then, how to prepare and store each food. Finally, what to purchase: utensils, bowls, bibs, high chair/booster seat, and I'm sure 1000 other things I'm not thinking of.

I just stocked up on some great baby feeding products - working at MightyNest I have the awesome advantage of being able to walk around our warehouse and check everything out and select what I think I'll need - and I already know they are completely safe and non-toxic!  I'll be using them starting this week and will report back on my success and failures.  In the meantime, I'd love some tips, advice, recipes/recipe book suggestions from seasoned moms.  So far I've found a great website, www.wholesomebabyfood.com as well as a book, "Organically Raised", that have been helpful.



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