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Refreshing Flavored Waters

07.18.13 Refreshing Flavored Waters

flavored water in weck

We are reminded often of the very important health benefits of staying well hydrated. A cool glass of clean water is often the answer. But other times, it's just not enough. Instead of sugary juices and sodas to satisfy (some) taste buds, try creating new combinations of muddled fruit and herb concoctions. No calories, loads of flavor and the advantage of easily adding to your total daily water intake.

Using a glass jug, pitcher or carafe, start by adding citrus, berries or melon and a complementary herb like mint, basil, sage or rosemary and muddling the contents at the bottom. Muddling simply means to press the fruit and herbs against the side of the glass (with a muddler) to release the flavors of the fruit and herbs. Mint and basil can be muddled with a lighter touch - you don't want to over muddle these or they turn bitter, but ingredients like rosemary and limes can withstand a heavier muddling hand, although rosemary releases a strong flavor, so you'll want to be mindful of this otherwise the flavor will overwhelm any accompanying fruit.

Some favorite flavor combinations:

  • Lemon-Blueberry-Mint
  • Watermelon-Basil-Lime
  • Blackberry-Sage
  • Lemon-Mint
  • Strawberry-Lime
  • Ginger-Basil-Grapefruit
  • Rosemary-Blackberry
  • Cucumber-Mint-Grapefruit
  • Strawberry Smash
  • Blood Orange-Lavender-Watermelon
Flavored waters stored in glass jars (we recommend glass) with lids are safe when refrigerated for up to 3 days. Pictured below is the glass Chiller Pitcher with Glass Lid and Chope Unie glasses (7oz size). The Chiller Pitcher holds 64 oz. and has an easy-to-grip ribbed neck. This is the blackberry-rosemary water before muddling. What's the benefit from blackberries and rosemary? Well, besides a unique and refreshing taste, blackberries deliver a rich dose of bioflavenoids and Vitamin C.
Blueberry-Lemon-Mint flavored water is easy to pour from this 1-liter glass carafe. The 3" opening at the top still allows enough room for a muddler but it's small enough for easy pouring. Perfect for setting several on the table for parties and outdoor dining.
When you'd like to take your flavored water with you AND keep it cold, this glass is AMAZING! It's double walled so the water stays insulated (great for hot tea in the winter) and ice cubes will remain for hours! And they don't sweat so no messy puddle on your desk! There are 2 sizes of this water bottle: 18 oz glass bottle or a 14 oz glass bottle. Both come with silicone lids that also double as coasters. Oh, an extra long glass straw makes drinking this citrus-y beverage just that much better..no lemon wedges to maneuver while drinking.
Watermelon-Basil-Lime flavored water fits in the fridge perfectly with this slim 2 Quart Bistro Pitcher. Designed for easy handling - there's an indentation for your gripper and the ridges that are reminscent of old world refrigerator glass. Ideal for lemonade and iced tea too.
If you enjoy brewing tea or would opt for a stainless steel filter to catch loose tea leaves or fruit seeds, the Mist Glass Iced Tea Pitcher is ideal for this purpose. Designed for cold-steeping tea, this method extracts more natural sweetness and flavor from the tea leaf and minimizes any bitter taste.
Blackberry-Sage, Strawberry-Lime and Lemon-Mint. The 1-liter Weck juice jars aren't just for canning - they're terrific for storing flavored waters or fresh juices. Metal clamps clip on a glass lid so storing in the fridge and bringing to the table is easy and elegant. Also available in 1/2 liter size.
What are your favorite flavored water combinations?
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