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Safer Cooking with the Xtrema Ceramic Skillets

03.16.11 Safer Cooking with the Xtrema Ceramic Skillets

xtrema ceramic skillet

Ugh, the choices for safer cooking have been bleak.  Teflon's out.  I was astounded when I learned years ago that heating Teflon and non-stick coatings to medium and high heat causes enough air pollution to kill a pet bird. Not only does Teflon harm air quality, but its continued use has been linked to numerous health problems, and is harmful to factory workers.  

According to Healthy Child, Healthy World:

"In a recent report submitted to the EPA, a scientific advisory board declared perfluoroctanoic acid (PFOA)--a chemical used in the manufacturing of Teflon and other non-stick, stain-resistant coatings--a “likely human carcinogen.” Animal research has indicated that high levels of PFOA cause cancer, liver damage, growth defects, and damage to the immune system.

So it makes sense to avoid Teflon.  I rid our house of old Teflon pans a few years ago.  I then bought a Green Pan, and quickly ruined it buy burning something on the stove.  Awesome!

Stainless steel and cast iron are better choices, but those come with certain limitations and do expose people to metals while cooking.  We bought a cast iron skillet, but dang, that thing is heavy!  Thankfully, Kristen and Chris have found a safer option and just added it here at MightyNest.  It's Xtrema's line of ceramic cookware.  The ceramic lining is non-toxic and chemical free.  According to Xtrema's website:

"Putting a non-stick ceramic coating on aluminum cookware does not make the product green because the manufacturing process to make the metal cookware is extremely toxic to the environment and to the factory workers. The non-stick coating may be healthier than the PFOA coatings but it does not make the metal cookware green. If the automobile industry painted a car with non-toxic paint does that make the entire car green? I don’t think so and this kind of practice needs to be regulated and standards must be met before a company can say their product is green."

The particular skillet pictured here is the perfect size for regular cooking, and can go in the freezer, oven, and even on the grill.  You can now happily cook crispy home fries for your family with no worries.  Thanks, MightyNest!

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