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Sagaform Ceramic Travel Mugs

10.17.11 Sagaform Ceramic Travel Mugs

sagaform coffee mug

You may recognize a similar design to these ceramic travel mugs with the "I'm not a Paper Cup" version. Although I enjoy using the minimalist white travel mug, I'm partial to seeing a beautiful pattern on the outside of my reusable coffee cup. At MightyNest, we are all split on our favorite designs (very typical), and have fun imagining what each of us would pick. They have also become a go-to gift for us since these Scandinavian designed mugs are always appreciated.

Sagaform ceramic travel mugs are made out of lead-free porcelain, a ceramic material that is fired at much higher temperatures and is known for it's strength, toughness, translucence and high resistance to thermal shock. The Sagaform mugs are double walled which allows you to savor your coffee at a civilized pace, keeping your beverage of choice warm.

The lid is conveniently and comfortably made out of food-grade silicone and fits very securely around the perimeter of the cup's lip. Of course, this is quite unlike the ill-fitting plastic takeaway lids which, incidentally are made of plastic #6. Those plastic lids are made out of polystyrene and known to leach styrene, the newest member on the US List of Carcinogens. As a reminder, if you are using plastic we recommend avoiding #3, #6 and #7. See our Plastic Guide for additional information.

The paper cups used in coffee shops, have their own unhealthy issues. Unfortunately, the glue used to hold those paper cups together partially dissolves when the coffee is poured into the cup, releasing trace amounts of toxins, such as melamine, into the coffee. The resin lining is made of polyethylene, also referred to as #1 or PET plastic, which has some health concerns. It's possible for antimony trioxide to leach into beverages if left in the cup for too long. Who wants to think about that while sipping a favorite luxury drink?

All of the ceramic travel mugs are 8.5 ounce capacity except for the XL Bubble mug, which holds a 12 ounce dose of caffeine. All of these mugs fit into a standard size cup holder, can withstand a warm-up in the microwave and can run through the dishwasher without damaging the cup. The pattern on the outside is lead-free and has been safely and permanently fused into the glaze through a fired decal.


Lastly, according to Sustainability is Sexy, "23 billion coffee cups were used in 2010. This equals about 9.4 million trees." Studies show that after 24 uses, a reusable mug breaks even with the environmental impact of manufacturing a paper cup. And since the reusable mug is designed for upwards of 3000 uses, it's clearly the better choice for both our own health and that of the planet.

Humor us, which one is YOUR favorite?

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