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Sarah's Silks - From Halloween to Dress-Up

10.01.13 Sarah's Silks - From Halloween to Dress-Up

Sarah's Silks Costumes

Fairies, dragons, unicorns, oh my!  It's hard to believe but Halloween is just a few weeks away.  Here at MightyNest we have costumes on the brain and are super excited to introduce several great options from Sarah's Silks!  

Playing dress-up is an an incredibly fun activity for kids but also a very important part of childhood. Children build up their vocabulary and their confidence while playing dress-up. And silks are a wonderful addition for any type of make-believe game or open-ended play.

Role playing also encourages taking turns, cooperation and socialization. Kids who can use their imagination also develop skills for creative thinking and problem solving. Dress-up play also encourgaes teamwork and an interest in peers.

Designed to nourish a child's developing senses, the smooth silk engages a child's sense of touch and the bright colors nourish the sense of sight, supporting important brain development. 

What can you make with the silks? Just to name a few ideas...

  • a puppet theater (using a large cardboard box and the silk as the curtain).
  • a fort - attach silks to wooden dowels or sticks to enclose a space.
  • a sail for imaginative traveling of the sea.
  • a cape or long braided hair or pirate eye patch.
  • a picnic blanket or fancy tablecloth.
  • a veil for imaginary weddings.
  • a doll's blanket/bed coverings
  • a flag

We appreciate that all Sarah's Silks products are made from natural, sustainable silk and dyed with non-toxic, non-hazardous, environmentally friendly dyes that contain no heavy metals.

The silks are woven, dyed, and hand-hemmed in a small village near Suzhou, a beautiful city long renowned for its silk culture.

Create a dress-up/costume box and your child will delight in representing himself as somone else. Sarah's costumes and silks are perfect for Halloween and even better for year round dress-up!




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