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Super Sunday: Key to a Mighty Week

01.24.14 Super Sunday: Key to a Mighty Week

Sunday morning coffee

With Super Bowl Sunday fast approaching we got to wondering: What else, besides football, makes your Sunday super? How you spend your Sunday could make a huge difference in the week ahead. And ritual, or at least a little bit of planning, can help you make the most of that precious day. What do you like do on Sunday to make sure you hit Monday ready to go? Maybe it’s catching some extra shut-eye by sleeping in or taking a nap. A weekly dinner with family or friends. Time devoted to a creative project. An outdoor adventure or making sure you have everything you need for a week's worth of lunch packing.

Congratulations to Michelle Y. from Jane Addams K-8 (Seattle, Wa) who has won a $100 MightyNest gift card, plus $100 for her school in our Super Sunday giveaway.

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