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Teriffic Natural Wood Toys for Toddlers

12.06.11 Teriffic Natural Wood Toys for Toddlers

“I do it!”  This is a phrase that every parent of a toddler is quite familiar with.  It’s between 18 and 36 months that children begin to develop their sense of independence.  Toddlers have a mind of their own.  They know what they want and their personalities are beginning to emerge.  It’s also a booming time for language development as well as for gross and fine motor skills.  

The two’s are a terrific time to engage with your child through interactive play.  Important developmental milestones for this age group include stacking, sorting and emerging pretend play.  But, in order for toddlers to develop these skills, they need developmentally appropriate toys.  Here are six of our favorite non-toxic toddler toys that kids and parents will love.

  • My First Train: This kid powered wood train is made in the USA from locally sourced, sustainably harvested solid maple with engraved detailing.  Constructed of solid maple, this 4-car wood train comes with an engine, tender, box car, and caboose. The cars hitch together using knuckle hitches for easy on and offs - perfect for little hands. Kids can push and/or pull the train.  When all of the cars are connected, the train measures over 24" long. Each car is about 5" high.
  • Wood Stacking Rings: Made from chemical-free rubberwood; non-toxic, water-based paints and non-formaldehyde glue. This set includes 6 rings and 1 ball. The wooden ring set teaches children about sizes and colors. As a safety precaution the central rod is collapsible.
  • Small Wood Nesting Bowls: These colorful wood nesting bowls are handmade in Germany from solid, natural wood and colored with water based dyes.  Perfect for stacking, scooping, building and pretend play.
  • Punch & Drop:  The toddler time can also be a time when your little one has lots of sensory needs - like banging on things!  This natural wood mallet and ball set provides a safe outlet for that energy!
  • Shape & Sort it Out: Made in Thailand from chemical-free rubberwood; non-toxic, water-based paints and non-formaldehyde glue.  This toy is an ideal for recognition of colors and shapes as well as the development of hand-eye coordination. Wood box with side notches for easy handling and removeable lid includes 6 solid wood shapes (3 triangles, 3 squares, 3 circles) to be sorted into box.
  • Small Stacking Boxes :  These colorful handmade wood boxes provide plenty of practice with stacking, nesting, building, knocking down (and one of my son's favorite activities: collecting small objects and fillling all the boxes!)
What are your toddler's favorite toys?
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