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What Earth Day Means to Us

04.22.11 What Earth Day Means to Us

earth day

Our mission every day at MightyNest is to help parents keep their families healthy and safe.  This is our passion.  In honor of earth day, we want to highlight how keeping your family safe happens to also be best for the planet.

1) Non-toxic: Avoiding toxins in our products means they do not end up in our food, water, air and landfills. We carefully screen each product to ensure all are free of BPA, lead, flame-retardants, melamine, PVC, phthalates, formaldehyde and other chemicals and heavy metals increasingly tied to health concerns. 

2) High Quality: High quality products last longer and can be handed down, therefore reducing  the amount of stuff you need to buy! Glass, 304 Grade stainless steel, solid wood, organic cotton, and more: these are the materials that make up the products we sell at MightyNest.  We make a point of avoiding plastic as much as possible in the products we sell.  Plastics are man-made synthetic chemicals that can leach into our food and water, need to be replaced faster and never completely decomposes.  

3) Reusability: Reducing and reusing keeps plastic bags and more out of our landfills.  We have chosen a great selection of waste-free lunch gear, food storage containers, reusable water bottles, coffee mugs and shopping bags and more to help you make the best choices for your family and the planet!

We wake up every day excited about what we do because we believe we are making a difference for families by keeping them safe.  We woke up today feeling extra good because on Earth Day we know we are doing our part. To us it is beautiful and harmonious that what is good for your family is good for the planet too.  

Have a wonderful Earth Day,

Kristen, Chris and the MightyNest team

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